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Hey guys and girls! How is everyone? For a while now I have stepped back and kind of just let the Team Jacob group blossom. Now I want to get to know all of you and be involved in the group discussions so that we can make this a fun group. Just leave a comment below and we can chat:)

Official Team Jacob Captain

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Hello, captain! *slalutes*
I sent you a message, though it'll probably be like a month before you even get it...
anyWHO. I had an idea! Its called the Team Jacob Elders. It would be about 5-8 people
who are dedicated to the group, and know a lot about Jacob. Also for people who are up to date with
Jacob aswell!
Maybe you haven't heard of a certain update, and one of the Elders can post it up.
Just a thought, and I was wondering what you thought of it!

I really can't say yes or no to that because I don't have the power to. Hachette Book Group has all of that power.
Yes, I know that. :-)
I mean like nothing official, though. Just something fun to do.
bonjour...hola...aloha...koni chiwa.....hello....hi.....heyy.....yo.....ciao.....wazzup......sry....bored 2 death :)
Nice to meet you leader. Im new to this site, but congrats on your writing assignment for winning team jacob captain. Im melissa by the way.
wat up peebs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
nice to meet you Captain lol :)
Oh, hey! I didn't realize this discussion was here! Nice to meet you, Captain, Ma'am! (Ha ha.) That's so cool that you won the contest last summer! I didn't even know this site existed at that point! :) Bet you're having fun ruling over us Jacob fanatics, huh?


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