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I wanted to know if Edward didn`t meet Bella would Jacob and Bella have a chance at dating?Thank

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no. in Breaking Dawn they stay as friends
i think they probably would have,,,that would have been really kool
I would think they would have.
That would be great!!
dey would have a chance at dating an dey would have ended up 2gether an have children an be happy but dey would not have lived forever an enjoy everything dat life has 2 offer so i rather Edward with Bella and Jacod with Renessme. Dat way every one lives forever and every1 is happy.
Jacob really cares for Bella so I think they would make a cute couple
they would have been perfect together if Bella hadn't met Edward
Jacob and Bella should be together.
yes they would've. in the book, jacob says that if vampires and werewolves never existed, they would've been together. he was the natural path that bella's life would've taken. gosh, i really wish they would've been together. for me, renesmee doessnt seem like enough of a happy ending for jake.
bella is inlove with edward he is her the way there's still a happy ending for jacob ryt?with nessie of course
I think they would have had a great chance, there is no reason for them not to. When the reconnected on the beach, even before anything about the Cullens came up she enjoyed talking to Jacob and thought he was a nice person. Granted there would not have been any reason for her to flirt with him that day, but I still think they would have become friends because of their dads. I think that the most difficult challenge would have been Jacob being so much younger than Bella. And it was the motorcycles that sort of brought them together and there is no reason for Bella to be into motorcycles if it were not for Edward, so I am not sure what they would have bonded over.


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