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To all of you that saw the movie last night I need to now what do you think. I think is was the best movie yet,  I love everything about it.  I enjoy it from the beginning  to the end, specially all the scene in which Jacob was in.  I love it.

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Eclipse was absolutely amazing. Loved it from beginning to end. I think I might have to go see it again.
eclipse was incredible!! i loved every scene except when jacob was hurt :( especially in the tent when jacob told edward he's hotter hahahah, i just started laughing. it's too bad they didnt show the part when jacob runs away tho.
i totally agree that jacob should of not got hurt but it was part of the book. i wished they could of showed jacob running away the fight :)
omg i luvved this movie the f'nn best jake was naked 4 like 1 minute
but dsnt jacob like cut himself in the book i waznt in the movie
I KNOW RIGHT!!!! i was so mad that they cut so many great scenes in the movie. sigh. however i think it was definetly the best movie so far and i cant wait till it comes out on dvd!
best 1 yet
it was amazing, i loved how they showed jaspers and rosalies stories, i loved that there was so many funny parts to it. loved charlie saying, kinda likeing edward even more now, after his and bellas sex talk

I loved the part where Bella and Jacob kissed on the mtn :D

I also love the tent scene and especially when Jacob said to Edward "Dont be mad because Im HOTTER than you"
I cannot wait! This is the first time I will not see it on opening night but I am going Friday! I hear that it is the best by far. I know the critics are banging on it but its because our world has become so disguisting in some areas that they dont know what real romance is. I actually read a critics review that wanted to compare this to Dracula and said that twilight stories are boring because you dont have the sexuality and nudity and sex in it! Ladies you want to know why guys expect sex on the first date? Because our world says the if its not vulagar and carrying alot of sex scenes that its not normal and no good! There loss all the way around! I cant wait to see it! GO TEAM JACOB!
I loved the movie. I saw it twice. Team Jacob 4 Life!!!!


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