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First of all, this is truly my idea. im not a fantastic dazzling writer so plz dnt hate. It takes place in Alaska. Let's just say Edward had a son he never new about n the werewolf is very much LIKE Leah but not an exact copy. Here are the first two paragraphs and add-on if u'd like.


    "So, what your saying is i've gotta get my act together?" i asked the principal. she stared at me hard, i began to get goosebumps, or maybe it was just the blinding cold of Alaska. "Ur at the bottom of the school, Passion, u've been in trouble for skipping and fighting and assaulting our campus police officer," i laughed. i grabbed my backpack and headed out the door, "Passion Alexis Rusin, you sit down now," she arugued. i smiled i opened the door, "See you," and walked straight out of the school.

        I wish i had a normal life, being a werewolf isnt easy. The anger scares me. That's part of why people are scared of ME. However, i want them to be scared cuz i don't want people i love getting hurt. I sighed heavily and flicked my cigarette into the river. i dropped my pack on the snow covered ground and quickly phased. My brown fur heaved up and down as i breathed, the smell of salmon hung in the air, but i wasn't hungry today. At that moment, something whished right past me. i growled and smelled some awfully sickly sweet smell that burned my nose and eyes. I couldn't believe it. the stories my grandpa told me, it had to be.....vampire.

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very great concept.. Im also thinking of this idea.. Write more sweetey^_^
i will. i wuz jux thinking dat the ppl who read it will lyk 2 add on, u know make it their own? feel free to add on jux make sure the story flows. ;)
i growled at the stench. but it started to snow, i couldnt see in the snow. i growled once more and walked away, but something pounced on my back. i whimpered and tried to fight the person that was trying to hitch a free ride. but i knocked it down n realized it was a boy. about maybe 18 or 17, his eyes held my heart. they were topaz. his skin as pale as snow and hair a dark depressing brown, "Please, i mean no harm to you," he said softly. i breathed and looked him deep in the eyes. i took my paw off his chest n howled, when i looked back to where he was. he was gone.


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