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Many people including myself would like to change the Team Jacob Group Picture.......There is a problom with this though........The problom is that we can't use a picture that was or has been taken from the internet.......So a few friends and I came up with an idea......Some of you have herd this before but i want everybody to know about it.........So here it goes.....We can have people (anyone in The Offical Team Jacob Group) draw a picture and upload it to the website.......We will pick the best 10 pictures and have everybody in the group vote on the picture that they like the best.......After we see what picture has the most votes we will set it as the new Offical Team Jacob Group picture....If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to e-mail me at (If you could put something about this in the subject bar that would really help me out so i can get back to you asap) Thanks,
(and if you guys can tell your friends or other people in the Offical Team Jacob Group about this it would help out soooooo much....... Thanks again)

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thanks but will you tell people about this
will try!
ok and if you guys could also e-mail me that would really help so iknow when we can start taking pictures
if u want
because many people dont like this picture and it will make us seem unique like the real jacob
Looking out of place was also another issue.
but we wouldnt be out of place
this is a great idea. but i have no real say i just joined the site today
actually you do have a say everybody has a say in this
There is one problem with this though. You would have to have my permission to change it (since I am the only one that can.) Plus, I would have to get it approved my Hachette Book Group.


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