The Twilight Saga

This is a group to just hang out and talk and chat:)

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wel since we can talk about anything HI. Lame I knw bt dnt knw wat else to say just showing this discussion some energy
Hola! I'm not Mexican, no. i live in Iowa. i just like saying HOLA!!!! :^)
ur just like my best friend. Every time I say hey her reply iz Hola!
haha. i get that a lot. lol and i have that affect on ppl. lolz
ha ha ME TOO!! lol
Hey pplz! Jacob is so hot
ik right!!! well acctually, taylor is. but oh well 8D
I second that notion! :)
Yola everyone!
Wats up? So wat else r we going to tlk about?
ello there random pplz =]


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