The Twilight Saga

A/N: Sorry if I took anyones idea. All the charaters belong to stephine meyers. It takes place during New Moon.


What would happen if after Bella starts dateing Edward and meets Paul and he imprints on her? Well read to find out.


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It was just one look and my world changed.



Chapter 1


It was a couple months after HE left me. I still tried to act normal for Charlies sake. The last time I talked to Jacob was three weeks ago and now I have no one, no one to confert me, to talk to. I think I might go and stop by to see how Jakes doing hopeing he will see me this time. When I got there I knocked on the door and Billy answered the door. He just smiled a very small smile.

"Hi Billy is Jake here?" I asked.

"Yes he is let me get him. Come in Bella and have a seat." he said. As I walked in I heard Jake talking to his dad.

"I don't what to talk to her" Jacob said.

"Jacob you haven't talk to her in a long time and Charlie told me that she has gotten worse when you stoped talking to her." Billy told him.

"Honstily dad don't try the guilt card with me."

"Well can you at least talk to her for a little bit you don't have to tell her anything." Billy replied. I was kinda scared. What is he hideing from me? Why hasn't he talked to me in so long? These answerless questions kept poping into my head as Jacob walked into the room.

"Hey I have some people to meet" he said and getting a glare from his dad. He said something in his native tonge and Billy just nodded.

"Come on lets go" he said takeing my hand.


When we got out of his car there were four other big boys standing by the trees. Then Jacob started the intertions.

"Bella this is Sam, Jared, Embry and Paul." he said.

As he pointed the Paul I looked at him and he looked into my eyes and froze. I was getting nervous did I have something on my face, but then I looked back at him and I knew that look it was the same look that HE Edward, wince, used to look at me. It was like he was totally in love with me and he just meet me for gods sake! Sam went up to him and said something that I couldn't hear and he nodded.

"Bella umm... why don't you come with us to my girlfriends house." Sam said.

"Umm... Ok." I repiled when I got into Jacobs car I asked "So what was Paul's problem?"

"I'll let him explain that to you." he said with a small smile that made him look more like Billy did this moring. When we got to Sams house we went inside.

"Bella" said Paul and the way he said it it was filled with love and longing.

"Yeah?" I said a little nervous.

"There's something I have to tell you. Have you ever belived that werewolves existed?"

"A little bit why?" I asked.

"Well because thats what we are and theres also the way we find our mates or our soulmates it's called imprinting and I imprinted on you" he said looking down.

I walked over to him and looked him in the eye and pulled his face down to mine an kissed him. When he pulled back we were both breathing har.

"Well I'm guessing that you don't find that scary" he said smileing.

"Well it's kinda weird but I'm a pro at werid" I said as Jake snorted I just looked at him and couldn't help but laugh.



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pls post more soon
are you going to write more
ist sehr gut , bitte mehr:)
aww dammiitt noww she cnt have babies w. should like have paul bite her nd suk the venom outttt or something, i am highly upset tthis happenedd lOL
Ahhh omg bella mcarthy so cool lol I love your story please update me and write more soon
I'm srry that i havent updated in a while but it's been busy and every time i try 2 sit down and update my stories. so i'll try some time this week but it might not be till sat cuz i have semeter test coming up. thanks for reading it means a lot.

u'll just have 2 wait till i update which should b soon once i get passed my writers block thanks for reading though

I'm soooo sorry for not updating i got hooked on a site called and i forgot about my stories i'll update as soon as possible thanks guys


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