The Twilight Saga

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What would happen if after Bella starts dateing Edward and meets Paul and he imprints on her? Well read to find out.


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It was just one look and my world changed.



Chapter 1


It was a couple months after HE left me. I still tried to act normal for Charlies sake. The last time I talked to Jacob was three weeks ago and now I have no one, no one to confert me, to talk to. I think I might go and stop by to see how Jakes doing hopeing he will see me this time. When I got there I knocked on the door and Billy answered the door. He just smiled a very small smile.

"Hi Billy is Jake here?" I asked.

"Yes he is let me get him. Come in Bella and have a seat." he said. As I walked in I heard Jake talking to his dad.

"I don't what to talk to her" Jacob said.

"Jacob you haven't talk to her in a long time and Charlie told me that she has gotten worse when you stoped talking to her." Billy told him.

"Honstily dad don't try the guilt card with me."

"Well can you at least talk to her for a little bit you don't have to tell her anything." Billy replied. I was kinda scared. What is he hideing from me? Why hasn't he talked to me in so long? These answerless questions kept poping into my head as Jacob walked into the room.

"Hey I have some people to meet" he said and getting a glare from his dad. He said something in his native tonge and Billy just nodded.

"Come on lets go" he said takeing my hand.


When we got out of his car there were four other big boys standing by the trees. Then Jacob started the intertions.

"Bella this is Sam, Jared, Embry and Paul." he said.

As he pointed the Paul I looked at him and he looked into my eyes and froze. I was getting nervous did I have something on my face, but then I looked back at him and I knew that look it was the same look that HE Edward, wince, used to look at me. It was like he was totally in love with me and he just meet me for gods sake! Sam went up to him and said something that I couldn't hear and he nodded.

"Bella umm... why don't you come with us to my girlfriends house." Sam said.

"Umm... Ok." I repiled when I got into Jacobs car I asked "So what was Paul's problem?"

"I'll let him explain that to you." he said with a small smile that made him look more like Billy did this moring. When we got to Sams house we went inside.

"Bella" said Paul and the way he said it it was filled with love and longing.

"Yeah?" I said a little nervous.

"There's something I have to tell you. Have you ever belived that werewolves existed?"

"A little bit why?" I asked.

"Well because thats what we are and theres also the way we find our mates or our soulmates it's called imprinting and I imprinted on you" he said looking down.

I walked over to him and looked him in the eye and pulled his face down to mine an kissed him. When he pulled back we were both breathing har.

"Well I'm guessing that you don't find that scary" he said smileing.

"Well it's kinda weird but I'm a pro at werid" I said as Jake snorted I just looked at him and couldn't help but laugh.



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love it. write more
this storry is good write more!
Chapter 2
PPOV (last chapter in Pauls pov)

We were all hang out at Sams house when we heard Jacob howl. We all went to the place were he told us to go to and when we got there he had a girl with him. We stoped by the edge of the forest. Jacob started the intertions
"Bella this is Sam, Jared, Embry and Paul." he said pointing to each of us. When I finally looked at her I froze. She was the most beautiful girl I have EVER seen. Then I got this feeling of total nothingness. Everthing that made me was gone with little snips of siccors and the only thing holding me there was a string, no a steel cable, no a millions of steel cables. Right then I realised that I imprinted. She looked away from my gaze and looked at the ground blushing. Oh god how cute her blush was. Sam looked at me and asked me if I imprinted on her and I just nodded then at Bella and asked her to go to Emilys house.

"Bella...?" I said I tryed to hide the love and longing in my voice but I could tell by the look on her face that I didn't do such a good job.
"Yeah?" she asked.
"There is something I have to tell you. Have you ever belived that werewolves existed?" I asked.
"A little bit. Why?"
"Well, because thats what we are and there's also the way we find our mates or our soulmates it's called imprinting and I just imprinted on you." I said looking down god everyone else made it sound so easy to tell their mates that. She walked over to me, looked me in the eye, put my face in both of her hands, pulled my face down to hers and kissed me. When she pulled back we were both breathing hard.
"Well I'm guessing that you don't find that scary?" I said smileing.
"Well It's kinda weird but I'm a pro at weird." she said as Jake snorted she just looked at him and started laughing. I smiled again and thought that I can't belive she's all mine and my smile got wider.
does anyone have any ideas of what i can name the story?
thanks i'll name it that because i keep drawning a blank lol
Chapter 3 BPOV

I looked back at Paul and he was smiling like a moron. I smiled. He grabed my hand and pulled me towards the beach. When we got there the sun was shineing. He pulled me to a log and sat me on his lap. I quickly kissed him on the lips. I must have startled him because he was looking at me. Then he kissed me full on the lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and tangled my fingers in his hair. He put his hands on my waist. I pulled back to breathe and I looked at him and hugged him. I can't belive he's all mine and no one can or will take him away from me. We walked down the beach and sat on a rock that stuck out into the water.
"I'm going to get some towels ok? I'll be right back."he said kissing me lightly on the lips.
"You better get the rest of the pack to Jake's probley worried sick. I also don't want them to feel left out. I also want to try to push Jake in the water. Haha" I said
"Ok will do I'll be right back honey." As he walks away a couple of girls came up to him. The girl who most have been the "leader" was asking him something. She FLIRTING with him! He's mine! I thought. I wanted to go and rip her hair out but I didn't. He said that imprinting means that we're soulmates which means that we belong together. He shook his head. She asked him another question and pointing at me. He nodded his head and the girl looked pissed but she quickly recovered her calm and flirtatious look. Paul said something and walked away. The girl walked over to me and sat next to me.
"You know that you one lucky girl to have a guy like that, but you know what I'm going to have him." she said. I was speakless. I can't belive she just threated to take my Paul away from me! I wanted to hit her so bad. Thats when Paul and the pack came back. Jake came run over to me and picked me up in a bone crushing hug and whispered in my ear "I'm happy for you Bells."
"Thanks Jake and you're not jelous are you?" I asked because when I was dating Edward he was crazy jelous, so I thought it might be harder because he is really knows him.
"No I'm not"
"Well I better get going oh and I didn't get your name, my name is Jennie." she said looking at Paul.
"My name is Bella and this is MY boyfriend Paul."I said through clentched teeth. She looked a little uneasy by my tone. I felt Paul shake a little bit with silent laughter. I looked out of the corner of my eye and saw the whole pack trying to hold back a laugh. I shot a glare at them and they stoped. Then I looked at Jennie and put a fake smile on my face.
"Well it was nice to meet you Jennie." I said and noticed that she kept looking at Paul.
"Oh, Yeah it was nice to meet you to Bella" she looked at me then to Paul and back to me and winked and walked off.
"Ugh that little tramp!" I fumed.
"What! What's wrong? What did she do?"Paul asked.
"She said that she's going to take you away from me." I said trying to fight back tears. He noticed and pulled me into a hug.
"It's ok she wouldn't. I'm all yours and that wouldn't change. Don't worry." he said rubbing my back.
"Ok then lets go swimming" I said pulling away from him and wipeing away the tears that ecaped from my eyes and pulled Jake and Paul with me to the rock we were sitting on. I heard Jared chuckaling and telling Paul that he has one stubbern girl.
"Ya think, I've know her since we were kids and that hasn't change a bit." Jake said and I giggled. "Did the moody Bella just giggle?"
"Yes I did is that a crime Jacob Black?" I said and ran at him and pushed him into the water makeing everyone laugh.
"Oh now you're going get it Isabella" he said smiling and getting out of the water and running at me he picked me up and I screamed as he through me into the water. When I got to the surface I was pulled back under. When I resurfaced again I knew it wasn't anyone of the wolves because they were all still on the beach.
"Paul Help me!" I screamed," Something has me!" I was pulled back under and pulled all the down the beach when I was able to get air I noticed who was dragging me. It was Victoria!

This is Jennie
Chapter 4

I can't belive it she found me! Does she know that I'm not with Edward anymore or I don't even know where he is. As she pulled me onto land she turned and looked at me and slowly smiled.
"Victoria, how did you find me? I'm not even with him anymore. I don't even know where the hell he is. So why can't you just leave me and the ones I love alone." I said starting to cry.
"Oh but Bella it's just fair he killed my James so I'm going to you. It's mate for mate." she said putting her finger under my chin."So who were the people on the beach with you?"
"My werewolf friends and one's my boyfriend and my best friend. They're on their way to find me and kill you Victoria." I said coldly.

Pauls P.O.V.

We were all on the beach laughing at Jake and Bella. Thats when I heard Bella scream 'Help me, Paul Help me! Someone has me! Help!!!!!' I was frozen but then I smelled it. I should have noticed it earlyer. Vampire.
"It's the red head" Jake said. We all ran into the woods and phased. I picked up the bloodsuckers scent and ran as fast as I could. When we broke through the trees I saw the leech in front of Bella I lunged at her and grab the back of her neck. Jake ran and bent down to get her on his back and took her back to his house. Then me and the rest of the pack took care of the leech. "Get out of here Paul. Go to Bella. She'll need both you and Jacob." Sam thought. With that I ran to find my Bella and my friend.
Huh, I like it! Paul and Bella- It's certainly original! keep it up!
your welcome it was a get title I couldn't think of one lol
Ok so like I'm a new member here but I've been reading these forums, yours is super cool by the way, and I loved yours it's so cool you should really write more
thanks so much and welcome to the site


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