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A/N This story takes place in new moon and Bella is on the edge of the cliff and she’s about to jump...

I closed my eyes.


it was him. his voice was beautiful but wrong.

“Bella, don’t do this.” It said.

 This time I listened to it more carefully. It was as if it was the voice of an angel but still, it sounded wrong. Different. I was confused. It was Edward’s voice, but it didn’t make a difference to me. I didn’t care if I was hearing his voice. In that instant,the hole in my chest was gone.
Erased. What was going on? I asked
myself, completely shocked. I waited for the hole to come back but it didn’t.

“Bella!” a voice, a different huskier voice interrupted my train of thought. It was the voice I wanted to hear. The voice I craved.

I looked behind me and huge tanned figure ran to me. Jacob. Seeing his face made me smile.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” he asked, catching his breath.

I looked down and I realized I was still at the edge of the cliff. The waves were crashing furiously at the rocks below. I took an involuntary step back.

“C-cliff d-diving..?” my teeth chattered. It was freezing cold out here! I couldn’t imagine how cold the water must be.

He walked towards me and gave me one of his big bear hugs. He was so warm. I hugged him tighter but it still didn’t feel tight enough. He probably thought I was cold so he hugged me tighter too. I liked how his shoulders were wide and strong. How his hair was styled messily and how he had
the most prefect smile. I never noticed Jacob like this.

“Come on Bells. I’ll bring you home.” His voice made my heart skip a beat. What was happening to me?

“I-iii don’t wanna go home yet. “ I was beginning to feel warmer in his arms.

He sighed and turned so that I was pinned to his side and his arm was on my shoulder. I had butterflies in my stomach.

It’s only Jacob. He puts his arm around me all the time. He’s my friend. I thought to myself as we walked to my truck.  My mind debated if being his friend was enough.

We reached my truck and he opened the passenger door for me. I stepped in as he walked to the driver’s side. I was beginning to feel cold again as we drove to his house. Jacob seemed to notice.

“It’s a hundred and eight degrees over here,” he said, as he patted his seat. I scooted to his side.  I let out a sigh. It felt nice.

There was a few minutes of silence until I asked him how he knew I was on the cliff.

“I was running in the forest near the trail and I heard your truck. Sam told us that the redhead’s trail was gone so I followed you. What were you thinking bella! Didn’t you see that it was turning into a tornado out there?”

I shrugged.

He stopped the engine and got out. I opened my door and stepped onto the dirt trail to his house. We walked together.

Billy was nowhere in sight when we got inside the house. The phone rang and Jacob hurried to the kitchen to get it.

“Hello? Yea she’s here,” I guess whoever jake was talking to knew about what I almost did.

“Is he ok?”

“oh.” His voice sounded suddenly glum. This worried me. Who was he?

Jacob hung up and walked back to me. His face looked sad. I looked up at him and gave him a hug.

“what was that about?” I asked, sympathy and curiosity in my voice.

“It’s harry. Harry Clearwater. He had a heart attack.”

This took me by surprise. Harry was charlie’s best friend.

“Is he ok?” I asked, remembering Jacob’s conversation on the phone.

He gave me this look and I knew that it wasn’t looking so great for harry. I felt truly sorry for seth, leah and sue.

“Are you ok?” Jacob examined me. His voice different.

“Of course.” Other than the shock I felt when edward’s voice erased the hole in my chest, I felt great. I was with Jacob and it surprised me how happy I was to be with him. The shock in my voice didn’t assure Jacob.

“you tired?” he asked.

I shook my head. just confused I thought.

ok so i know it isn't so great but please tell me what you think. thanks :]

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hehe thanks alot :] i'll write more and post it up here soon.
its great pls write more!!!!!!!!!!!! great ending you should have wrote the book!
Love it! Want a banner for it? If you do reply here or comment me!
Hey, can I have a banner? I'm writing a fan fiction, too. It's not as popular as this one, but I love writing it, and a banner would be amazing to stick onto my story! It's called Seattle Girl, and it's somewhere in the discussion pages.... please?
Kenzie Rose
this is great!! The end I all ways hoped!
Please write more!!
that was interesting i have to say
your plot is amazing
but i think you should maybe have edward came back after suffering and have a conflict for bella that would cool
anyway nice story build up but don't you think that was a little sudden i mean him loving bella right off the back.
i'm falling with love for this story
keep writing girl
lol true true. i was thinking maybe i could add some other things BEFORE they confess their love. lol i was just really eager to write this part :] oh and thanks for your idea :D
Loving this fanfic!!!
And I agree with qurleen kang. It would be fun to read if Edward comes back :D
But this is good, no, this is great just the way it is :)
Write more :)))
ok guys, i deleted my last post so that i could manipulate it a bit. i'll post some of it up later.

p.s. jacob still admits that he loves her in the next post so sorryy to the ppl who think its a bit sudden but i just thought it would be easier for bella in the next few posts...
arghh i haven't been able to write that much cuz my teachers have really been piling on the hmwrk. anyway, heres some of it:

When jacob was sure that I was okay, we walked along the beach. We ended up wandering over to the place where Jake first told me about the Quileute legends. The place where I first realized the Cullens were vampires.
Jacob sat on a big tree that was on its side. I sat with him.
“Bella? I-I have to tell you something.” His husky voice sounded lower than usual as he slowly took my hands.
I waited for him to continue.
“These past few months….well, I’ve had a lot of fun spending them with you. That first day you drove up, that was one of the best days I’ve ever had. I know it sounds really weird and corny, but...”
He took a deep breath.
“i-I love you.” His voice sounded more confident.
“I know it’s really sudden and I know you still love him but maybe…you could love me too..?”
I stared at him, shocked. I knew that he liked me but I didn’t know he loved me. And I knew I loved him more than I should but was it enough? Enough to erase my memory of Edward? I forced myself to think the name and for once, it didn’t hurt. I almost expected the edges of the hole in my chest to start burning back but I remembered that it was gone.
I sneaked a peek at Jacob. His russet skin looked like it belonged here- in the forest. I saw his black eyes awkwardly meeting my gaze but I didn’t look away. Even just being near him comforted me. It was as if he was my heart’s home. I belonged with him. At that moment, I knew. I knew that I loved him.
“Be happy.” Edward’s voice whispered in my ear. That closed the deal. Tied the knot.
“Oh Jacob,” I sighed as I leaned closer to him and pulled his head down so that we were eye to eye.”I love you too.”
I pushed my lips to his before he could answer and he kissed me back. His lips were warm as they moved with mine in ways they’ve never moved before-because Jacob didn’t have to be careful with me the way Edward did. My hands crept into Jacob’s hair and I tugged him closer. His hair was growing out the cropped cut that he had when he first turned into a werewolf. He pulled me tighter and like before, it didn’t seem to be tight enough. Suddenly, he stopped kissing me and gave me a hug.
He stepped back and smiled my smile. His face changed from my smile to a face that made him look like a blind man seeing the sun for the first time.
I was suddenly self-conscious.
“What?” I asked.
“Whoa.” Was all he could say.
Thinking that he was reacting from the kiss, I smiled and gave him a soft peck on the cheek. I grabbed his hands and we walked on the beach; Jacob still seeming a bit distant.
As we walked aimlessly on the beach hand in hand, I ran over the last few months in my head; the first day I went to Jacob’s house and felt truly happy for the first time in months, when I laughed without having to think about it, how happy I always felt when I was with Jacob, how Jacob made me forget about Edward and have fun. I was happy. I smiled to myself and looked over at him. He was looking at me with the same look he had on before.
“What’s up with you, Jake? “ I asked him, realizing that kissing him might’ve been crossing the line. He said he loves me, right?
He looked down at me, his face unsure.
“Well, uh..have you ever heard of imprinting?”
“What the hell is that?” I asked him, feeling that it had something to do with werewolves.
“You’ve seen the way Sam looks at Emily-how his face looks as though he sees nothing else but her,” I nodded.
“There’s a really long story behind it."

yea, i know its ot at all great but it is still a rough copy so please bear with me . thanks :]
This is sooo goood!!
More please!


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