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A/N This story takes place in new moon and Bella is on the edge of the cliff and she’s about to jump...

I closed my eyes.


it was him. his voice was beautiful but wrong.

“Bella, don’t do this.” It said.

 This time I listened to it more carefully. It was as if it was the voice of an angel but still, it sounded wrong. Different. I was confused. It was Edward’s voice, but it didn’t make a difference to me. I didn’t care if I was hearing his voice. In that instant,the hole in my chest was gone.
Erased. What was going on? I asked
myself, completely shocked. I waited for the hole to come back but it didn’t.

“Bella!” a voice, a different huskier voice interrupted my train of thought. It was the voice I wanted to hear. The voice I craved.

I looked behind me and huge tanned figure ran to me. Jacob. Seeing his face made me smile.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” he asked, catching his breath.

I looked down and I realized I was still at the edge of the cliff. The waves were crashing furiously at the rocks below. I took an involuntary step back.

“C-cliff d-diving..?” my teeth chattered. It was freezing cold out here! I couldn’t imagine how cold the water must be.

He walked towards me and gave me one of his big bear hugs. He was so warm. I hugged him tighter but it still didn’t feel tight enough. He probably thought I was cold so he hugged me tighter too. I liked how his shoulders were wide and strong. How his hair was styled messily and how he had
the most prefect smile. I never noticed Jacob like this.

“Come on Bells. I’ll bring you home.” His voice made my heart skip a beat. What was happening to me?

“I-iii don’t wanna go home yet. “ I was beginning to feel warmer in his arms.

He sighed and turned so that I was pinned to his side and his arm was on my shoulder. I had butterflies in my stomach.

It’s only Jacob. He puts his arm around me all the time. He’s my friend. I thought to myself as we walked to my truck.  My mind debated if being his friend was enough.

We reached my truck and he opened the passenger door for me. I stepped in as he walked to the driver’s side. I was beginning to feel cold again as we drove to his house. Jacob seemed to notice.

“It’s a hundred and eight degrees over here,” he said, as he patted his seat. I scooted to his side.  I let out a sigh. It felt nice.

There was a few minutes of silence until I asked him how he knew I was on the cliff.

“I was running in the forest near the trail and I heard your truck. Sam told us that the redhead’s trail was gone so I followed you. What were you thinking bella! Didn’t you see that it was turning into a tornado out there?”

I shrugged.

He stopped the engine and got out. I opened my door and stepped onto the dirt trail to his house. We walked together.

Billy was nowhere in sight when we got inside the house. The phone rang and Jacob hurried to the kitchen to get it.

“Hello? Yea she’s here,” I guess whoever jake was talking to knew about what I almost did.

“Is he ok?”

“oh.” His voice sounded suddenly glum. This worried me. Who was he?

Jacob hung up and walked back to me. His face looked sad. I looked up at him and gave him a hug.

“what was that about?” I asked, sympathy and curiosity in my voice.

“It’s harry. Harry Clearwater. He had a heart attack.”

This took me by surprise. Harry was charlie’s best friend.

“Is he ok?” I asked, remembering Jacob’s conversation on the phone.

He gave me this look and I knew that it wasn’t looking so great for harry. I felt truly sorry for seth, leah and sue.

“Are you ok?” Jacob examined me. His voice different.

“Of course.” Other than the shock I felt when edward’s voice erased the hole in my chest, I felt great. I was with Jacob and it surprised me how happy I was to be with him. The shock in my voice didn’t assure Jacob.

“you tired?” he asked.

I shook my head. just confused I thought.

ok so i know it isn't so great but please tell me what you think. thanks :]

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When r yhu postinqq more.!!??
aww thanks everyone! :] i'll post some more up later today
hey guys! i was thinking, this story needs a name! i was thinking about choosing between these names:
haha that's all i can think of for now so tell me which you guys like better and i'll call it whichever gets the most votes. OR if you have an idea for a cool name, reply here! thanks guys!!!

p.s. i'm working on the story right now and i'll post it later!

I think Sunrise because Bella refers to Jake as being her own personal sun.
when r u gonna update??? i cant wait!
The cool crisp morning air flew onto my skin and my eyes opened sleepily. The dull light of the sun shined through the curtains of the wooden window. It was sunny for the first time... I turned over, expecting to see Jacob asleep but instead there was a ripped piece of lined paper. It said:
Went on patrol with Quil. I’ll be back in the morning.
Don’t miss me too much.
Love you
I read it once, feeling bad that Jacob had to stay up all night and run patrol because of me. I stopped at the last three words. The tingly feeling came back again. Butterflies. I thought about what happened yesterday. Jacob had said that he loved me and I loved him back. That was pretty much all i wanted to remember. All the chaos that happened involving Edward, all that didn’t matter. Jacob had said he loved me. Last night, as I cuddled with my Jacob, I could see that what I had with Edward was an unhealthy obsession. I really didn’t love Edward. Jacob has always been there for me. Even through those few months when Edward was all I could think about and I made sure Jacob knew that I was just Jacob’s friend and only that, he was patient. I couldn’t help but fall in love with him.
I got stretched my arms and got out of bed. The cold air felt good on my warm skin. Suddenly, I heard the door open just a crack. It was Jacob.
“Morning , sleepyhead,” he greeted.
“Jake!” I ran to hug him, “Did you just get back?” I asked.
He dug his face into my hair.
“Yeah…sorry I had to leave you.” He said apologetically.
“No , Jake. I understand that you’ve got things you’ve gotta do, I just feel bad that it’s all because of me.” I said.
“Bella, don’t worry. “ Jacob kissed the top of my head. “Let’s go have breakfast at Emily’s.”
“Kay…” I wanted to take a shower but as I looked down at what I was wearing, I remembered I didn’t have a change of clothes. Mmm..the blue shirt was had a woodsy smell, just like Jacob. I put on my jeans and Jacob and I headed to his car. It was a quiet ride as I rested my head on Jacob’s shoulder but it felt nice. His shoulder[just like everything else on his body] was blazing hot. Soon, we were parked in front of Emily’s bright home.
“Hey Bella! Hey Jake!” Seth greeted as we walked through the door. Most of the pack was there, laughing and chatting away. The whole scene reminded me of when I was little and I wanted so much to have brothers. Of course I never got any siblings but being here made me feel like I was part of their family.
The smell of bacon wafted up my nostrils and made my stomach turn.
“Hi Seth,” I said while eyeing his plate. There were layers of bacon, eggs, and pancakes filling his plate. I looked around and all the other wolves had twice as much as Seth’s plate. Wow, those wolves can eat!
“How was your sleepover with Jake, Bella?” Embry asked jokingly.
“Shut up,” Jacob said while messing up Embry’s hair.
“Hey hey hey! Not the hair, man!” Embry yelled, fixing his hair. Everyone laughed. So that was Embry’s weakness-his hair…
Jacob and I sat down and began eating. I ate less than Jacob did but by the time I was done, he was still eating. I decided to go help Emily.
“Hi Emily. Need some help?” I asked, leaning against the kitchen doorway. She was busy washing dishes.
“Sure, Bella! How ‘bout I’ll wash and you dry?” she suggested, handing me a dry cloth. We got to work.
I could hear the guys planning on what they would do to kill Victoria. I winced.
“Emily, can I ask you something?” I asked tentatively.
“Of course Bella! What’s up?”
“How do you cope with…with the thought that anyone in the pack-especially, in your case, Sam-could get badly hurt by Victoria or any other vampire?”
“Ohh,” Emily’s confused face turned into an understanding expression. “Bella I felt just like that when Sam first started running around with Paul and Jared, looking for vampires.” She said, observing my face. I could tell that she could see I was scared.
“What did you do-to stop worrying, I mean.”
“Well, I’ve never stopped worrying but I don’t think about them getting hurt as much as I used to.” She turned off the tap and I finished drying the last plate. “You see, Bella, even though we see them as humans, they are still werewolves. They’ve got superhuman strength and they’re ridiculously fast , as you might’ve already seen. And, there are at least ten of them! Try thinking of this Bella, superhuman strength and ridiculous speed , multiply that by ten, nothing horrible is gonna happen.” Emily gave me a hug.
Well I guess if you thought of it that way it wasn’t too bad..but Emily hadn’t totally erased all of my concern.
“Don’t forget super good-looking,” Sam said from the doorway. I jumped a bit, surprised by his voice. I didn’t realize that he and Jacob were listening. Emily laughed and Sam walked in and kissed her. I smiled and Jacob kissed my forehead.
“Ready to go, Bells?” Jacob asked just as Seth walked in carrying a pile of dirty dishes. I looked at Emily.
“Maybe we should stay longer and help with the dishes…”I said, feeling bad for Emily having to do all those dishes.
“Go ahead, Bella. I can take it from here.” Emily said, turning on the tap. I gave her an unsure look before saying goodbye to everyone.
We had to drive back to Jacob’s house for my truck. On the ride to Forks, I asked him about Victoria.
“Did you guys find anything last night?” I asked reluctantly. Part of me didn’t want to know.
“No. We’re starting to get worried. We haven’t found any new trails!” Jacob said, frustrated.
“Oh.”I said. Half of me was happy. Happy that they haven’t been near her. But the other half was just as frustrated as Jacob. I wanted to end all my fear and just be with Jacob without any worries of Victoria coming behind me and attacking.
We got to my house. Charlie’s cruiser wasn’t there so I figured he was at work, since it was only Friday. Friday. Darn! On Monday spring break would end! Dammit! I sighed as Jacob opened my door and I got out of the truck.
“Jacob? Jaaaaake?” Suddenly Jacob was trembling. I put my hand on his shoulder and he calmed down under my touch. Why was he trembling? He only trembled when there were-Oh no! it couldn’t be! Was Victoria here?!
“Jake! Is it Victoria?!”I yelled, about to hyperventilate.
“No.” I calmed down. At least it wasn’t someone who wanted to torture me…unless..
“Edward.” I whispered. Jacob nodded and held me close. As if on cue, Edward appeared, with another person by his side. They walked closer towards us until they were only a few feet in front of us. Edward didn’t look mad like the last time I’d seen him; he was staring admiringly at the girl beside him. Almost like the way Jacob looked at me. I looked at the girl for the first time. She had beautiful light brown hair that was long and curled. Her blue eyes twinkled in the dull light of the sun and she smiled brightly revealing perfect white teeth. Her teeth seemed to glow against her pale white skin. She was beautiful.

A/N: who IS this girl!? what was she doing with edward? what happens next? read more to find out. i'll be updating again tomorrow.

thanks again! oh and please vote on what i should call this story:

lotsa love,
daybreak!!!! it sounds cooler....
alright daybreak it is :]
great job love the name
sorry couldnt update tonight.... vacay....but i;ll upload ASAP :] luv u guys!
Please update soon :) I Love the name you picked and I cant wait to read what you write next :)
i now i aint been on in a while but i totally support ur votes on daybreak i think it is a good name


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