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To see you

To breath your air

To hold your hand

Even hear your voice

All of these things I crave

And still I avoid you

I fear rejection

Harsh judgements

I am a monster now

Filled with anger

There is a chance you wont see me this way

You say you love me no matter what

What I am is a secret

It is not my secret to tell

Hiding this is hard

When there is the desire to tell someone

Someone special

Hints are given to you

I hope you finally remember

If you can't I fear I may tell you

Blow our secret

Just so I won't lose you


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i love it!!
I like this idea. I post somethng soon.
it is a really great poem, jacob would do anything, be anything for bella.
Thanks. I am going to try to post some more poems on how jacob feels. But is going to be hard cause school starts on the 23rd for me.
I think I have I'm going to post right now.
Love it!!! Great job!!
expressed so succintly the anguish


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