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*Spoiler Alert* You might not want to read this if you haven't seen the movie


I was almost crying when Bella gets to Jacob's house and all you hear is Jacob screaming in agony. It was soo sad. And then to see him in all those casts made me feel so bad for him.


I'm glad they showed it in the movie though, because I could never imagine how he looked like when Bella goes to break the news to him that she chooses Edward in the book.


Oh, and also, I really wanted them to show the epilogue from the books where Jacob runs away after reading the wedding invitation. Kinda sad it wasn't in the movie. Hopefully it'll be in Breaking Dawn.


Anyone else felt heartbroken?

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I couldn't stop crying. Everytime i think about it.... Oh, it's so agonizing.
When I was at the movies, I felt teary-eyed and sad when I watched it...though before I could start crying, I heard these two girls sobbing about two rows of seats away. Then I realized that not only did Jacob getting hurt affected me, but it also affected the rest of the girls. Poor Jacob :( he is so brave! I feel just very frusterated on how Bella treats him. It's very mean and Jacob doesn't deserve it. I know you all are just thinking that it is just a movie and all...but it is still sad...I wouldn't want to be treated like that if I was in Jacob's place. Would you?
Hey Tabbs- do I need to go over to your house and give you a lesson in spelling? There's no "e" in frustrated!
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I really thought I called you... guess not. Your mom's right.
oh, kenzie how nice of you! LOL
The worst part is that it's all Leahs fault! She could have just sed there was another newborn. Then Jacob went in and risked his life for her and how does Leah thank him? " Jacob u idiot! If u hadn't butted in I could have had him! " Ya he is brave, but it still pisses me off that Leah didn't care bout Jacob!
I know I was so mad at Leah! I was thinking just shut up! He's in pain and all she can think about is how she could have handled it herself. She was wrong obviously
Oh my God... You took the words right out of my mouth! I feel the same way. I was so angry at Bella for the way she treated Jacob. And this may be off topic but he looked like a a way better kisser than Edward in the movie... but meh, not the point I guess. Still, way to hit the nail on the head!
i was like OMJ !! r u okay then i started crying
I really was hard to see him like that. Taylor did an excellent job with showing just how injured Jacob was. What I thought was the hardest (and I'm probably saying this because I am also a parent) was seeing Billy's face outside the house while Jacob was going through the rebraking. You could just see how helpless he felt.

I also wish they had the epilogue. I'm thinking they probably decided to save it for BD so that there is more to the first movie than just an Edward and Bella love fest.
Ha ha. Agreed. I'm wondering how they plan on keeping BD pg-13.
That's what I'm always wondering, how will BD be pg-13? My friend said that it probably won't be, and the intimate scenes might be shown, but I'm not taking her word for it.I guess we'll just have to wait for it to come out. I'm already dying to see =D
As much as I want BD to be R rated, I don't think it will be. Think of Stehpenie Meyer, she doesn't watch R rated movies because of her mormon values. Plus, I've read in her website that she will be one of the producers of BD, i guess it means she will have more say in the decisions, but as you said, we'll just have to wait...


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