The Twilight Saga

Did you also think you were going to die when you read page 628 in Eclipce???

page 628, final words by Jacob: "I pushed my legs faster, latting Jacob Black disappear behind me."

i cried like a baby!!!
and then breaking dawn came out...

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I know what u mean I cried to I mean being in such pain,that's one reason y eclipse is my fave book its so emotional.
I also cried so hard! And I still think it's so sad cause I haven't read Breaking Dawn yet ):
that stupid nessie character...hugh...
Leah would have been a great match for Jake
and i hate breaking dawn...the wedding part was so hurtful for Jake
I threw my book at the wall and screamed. My brother looked at me like I was an idiot!
it broke my heart i cried and i finished the book in school.... but i wasn't embarrassed cuz it was really sad the whole page made me sad I read it like three times before I put the book down, wishing that if i read it enough it would change
i know its so sad:(
my heart dropped when i read that page, i wanted to cry
omg i freaking cried my eyes out, i felt sooooooooooo bad for him!!!!!!!!!it seriously made me mad tht bella used him an then left him!!!!! :(
oww my god i nearly found a knife and stabbed the book when i read that
any1 noticed how much bella plyed jacob he saved her life and she took it 4 granted when she jumped of the cliff edward waznt there but who was
i was thinking the same thing when i read the book, if bella was real i would have killed her!
everytime iread twilight i think of unfaithful by rhianna

oo i luv the preface 2 book two of breaking dawn JACOB



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