The Twilight Saga

Did you also think you were going to die when you read page 628 in Eclipce???

page 628, final words by Jacob: "I pushed my legs faster, latting Jacob Black disappear behind me."

i cried like a baby!!!
and then breaking dawn came out...

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oh my gad
I am so sad for him :(
and breaking dawn is so boring
i like eclipse more than breaking dawn
Jacob was very unfair in this book
i cried myself to sleep when i read dat!!!!! ohh im crying rite now remembering dat!! i wonder how da end of eclipse is going to be like in da movie??
i soo cryed, i couldn't help it !
I definitely had a teardrop falling down my cheek. It's just so sad. I couldn't even fathom the kind of pain he was in. That's why im a team jacob fan. I think he's the best character in the books.


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