The Twilight Saga

Did you also think you were going to die when you read page 628 in Eclipce???

page 628, final words by Jacob: "I pushed my legs faster, latting Jacob Black disappear behind me."

i cried like a baby!!!
and then breaking dawn came out...

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I felt soooo bad for Jake! Although I am a supporter of Bella and Edward, I love Jacob. When I read that part tears formed in my eyes, but I didn't cry exactly. I think that part and in breaking dawn at the wedding where Jake freaks out are the saddest parts. And also at the end of New Moon when Edward and Bella leave him out in the woods.
I cried i felt his pain, cuase i know the pian , i been there luv someone that doe not luv u have much u do.this why i am a jacob black fan.
ye i was crying 2
ya.i cried too.
I felt like crying... Poor Jacob. :,(
I felt so bad for him since he knew she should be with him but just could not get her to see that
OMG when i read it i felt as if my hearts stop beating...poor much he`s in love with bella..loving someone that doesn`t feel the same to like something killing u so slow from the deep deep inside u but the worst part that this pain wont let u die and rest in so complicated... :S
I was sobbing at that part and also when Bella comes to check on Jake and they talk and Bella breaks down in the car. I was crying my eyes out and my brother was staring at me like I was an idiot.
i feel ya!
I read that when i was the only person in my house so i was like crying and screaming! =( Then I remembered he's just a fictional character.
same here!


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