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do u like that jacob imprinted on nessie

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no i hate it
i kinda got mad at first cuz i wanted jacob and bella to be together. but then i got over it after awhile. =]
so yes i guess
same here
I'm ok w/ it.
Yeah I liked that Jacob imprinted in Nessie, cuz now he has someone to trully love, like all the Cullens have someone they trully love; and he can still be Bella's best friend. =D
No, not at all. He should of ended up with Leah. I seriously thought he would. When there was the "Jacob pack" I could totally feel the connection between him and Leah but no! NO! Leah deserved to be happy. Where's her happily-ever-after?!
THANK YOU NO ONE AGREES WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I liked it. When that happened it just tied all the other books together and knowing that Jacob imprinted on Nessie I reread the books and they all took on a different meaning.
I totally agree with you. After reading them for the second time, of course I caught little things I had missed on the first round, but they seemes different to me. And even though I knew what was going to happen with Jacob & Nessie... I was still very excited when getting to the moment and the page when the author reveals to us, the readers, that Jacob had Imrpinted. It was awsome! =D
It personally didn't bother me. I believe all along, that Jacob had an attraction to Bella, because shes the mother of Renesmee. Renesmee, and Bella share the same DNA so, its just logical. I personally think it was good because then Jacob can be with Bella more, who is probably like his best bud. I think it also brings the Cullen's and Quileutes closer.
I kinda thought it was creepy since he was so much in love with Bella. I guess it is a part of her that he can have, but still it is your best friends child. How would your parents have reacted if their friend said that they were in love with you and you were destin to be together. I would think that person would be flat on their back after one if not both of your parents beating the crap out of them.
Was not too sure about the whole thing. I guess since she grows up fast it is not too creepy when she is older, it is just the loveing stares he gives toddler renesme


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