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i pearsonly like jakes hair you

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short hair
He looks hot with any type of hair style.
short but anyway hes hot!!!
I think Jacob looks better with short hair.
Short hair duh!!! He's so HOT without his long hair and his short hair goes totally way better with his abs then his long hair...And so on.
Yeah! u sooooo ryt! He jus looked sweet wit the long hair but short hair makes him 10000 times hotter!!
He looks so hot with bolth but as my opinion when i try to draw him i always end up with a girly jacob when i draw him with long hair, its quiet easy to draw his short hair. But any how he looks hot with bolth.
100% short hair
I like Jake with short hair.
SHORT HAIR!! Jacob looks so much cuter when he is a wolf but looks human!!!

Actually I also be liking him w/ long hair;))..he's just

SUPER GORGEOUS w/ and w/out it =]


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