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I think there should be a book five about Renesmee it would be really cool. And to see what happens to her and Jacob.

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i wonder if we can convince Stephenie Meyer to write another 1!
i hope so!!!
that, would be awesome....
me too
.,yup.. so there would be clear definitions about Renesmee and Jacob's relationship and of course how Bella continuously develop her gifts...
totally agree
Stephine Meyer is writing another book and the partial draft is on her web site
yeah but she aint writin it no more cuz she got really mad bout it being leaked and anyway it bout Edward POV not an aftermath of BD from Renesmee POV and her life with Jake.
yeah totally!!!
If there were, it wouldn't be part of the Twilight Saga which focused on Bella's hurdles and her life/relationship with Edward. If Stephenie did write Renesmee's story, it would probably be a side book with relations to TTS. Like Kamille Black's Crush: non-imprinted love which is a story within Silver Bullet (these are Fan Fictions).


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