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I think there should be a book five about Renesmee it would be really cool. And to see what happens to her and Jacob.

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She should make another one about Renesmee and Jacob
stephine was making a 5 book but someone got a hold of it and put it on the internet , now she stop writing it .
it not really a book 5 cuz it telling the same story from a different POV: Edwards.
I think it would be the BEST BOOK IN THE SERIES if she wrote one for them =D
i thought they were making a 5th book on Edwards thoughts.... but i really think kthey should make about on renesmee and Jacobs life
She is still working on "Midnight Sun" (and please read the draft, it's AMAZING!!)
Love wouldn't even describe how I would feel for her if she would write a book 5! There are a lot of fanfics that satisfy my Jake and Nessie craving like Hands On Me and Undeniable from IndependenceIndividuality... she is amazing... but yes I really wish she would write a book 5... or even just continue Midnight Sun! Need more Twilight Steph!!!
and jacob of course included
i definitley think there should be a 5 book i want to know what happens with her ansd jacob!!! i wanna know if they'll end up together!! or are they already? its soo confusing!!
yeah. i dont like how the series just ends like that. she could make so many more books, because if they are going to live forever, im sure something else will happen to them.


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