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I think there should be a book five about Renesmee it would be really cool. And to see what happens to her and Jacob.

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So, now, how do we convince her to write 1 then?? LoL =]
She was making a book 1/2 sort of. "Midnight Sun" is Twilight from Edward's POV. I really hope Stephenie makes another book in the Twilight series. I want it to be like when Renesmee is fully matured and Jacob wants to marry her and Bella is giving him a hard time. The pack is giving him a hard time to. So they have to run away together.
I think Edwards POV would be like Bella's story but with big words and stuff. but when he goes away u will no what happens, but i wouldn't be very interested in it.
i agree
i had a weird dream that there was two more books, i was soo exited!! the two books were pretty much renesmee's story. then i woke up and *poof* bye bye happy dream -_- so i agree.
yes...though i really hate nessie, i would love a 5th book about Jacob and her
well that would be awsome cuz of the extra info....wonder if they have a kid or something...cuz do you guys remember sam's theory on imprinting...that it was to pass on the gene with the person most likely too pass it on with or something...that would make a vamp-ww child which personally, would be awsome....and just the fact the well get to know wht happens after there school, life, and basically if the volturi come back....i swear talking about this is pure adrenaline least fro me...
Lol. yeah same. that would be cool.
i agree...there should be a continuation about the Vamx only daughter right??? GO STEPHENIE...
yea ae. how could we?? =]
aCTUALLY, ON TIKATOK (BEFORE SOMEONE MESSED IT UP) THIS GIRL NAMED NIMAO OR NIMOA WAS MY FRIEND AND SHE WROTE A BOOK CALLED: After Breaking Dawn, Renesme Calie Cullen and it was really good!!!!!!!! i asked her if she was steph. meyer in disguise!!! lol!!!! it involved Jane, And she keeps on wondering why She feels attracted to Jaboc(imprint in Breaking Dawn ) IT WUZ SO GOOD!!!!!!!
no i don't i dont even like the nessie jake situation


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