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I think there should be a book five about Renesmee it would be really cool. And to see what happens to her and Jacob.

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YES!!!!!!! I'm curious to what happens to those two!
YES. I wanna how she turns out and how she feels about Jacob.
Definetly. We know everything about Bella and Edward. Why shouldn't we meet Renesmee and Jacob more?.=))
omg that would be so cool. i wish she would do a fifth book about renesmee and jake, then finish midnight sun, then do the rest of the saga through edwards perspective!
daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa      she has to and btw i read that if she writes again in the twilight saga it will be a renesmee and jacob story iffffffffffff i hate this word if if if and if is a very frustrating word its like 50% 50% worst thing ever stuck in the middle
I totally agree with you... I think it would be AMAZING to get to read how the cullens and wolves are doing through Jacob and Nessie's eyes... I would love to no if she is full grown and "with" Jacob yet!
I would luv that espically if there is a movie after more taylor lautner yea :)


That'd be so awesome. I think Stephanie Shoud come out with a few more books. I'm in love with the Twilight Saga,and it'd be so cool to have a few more additions to the series! Plus,that'd mean more movies,which would be cool. Because,like ... then not only do we get to read it,but we'd get to see more of Renesmee. And if there were more books,it'd have Jacob and Renesmee's relationship turn into something more,which would cause  lot. And just imagine what could happen!. lol,okay i shuold shut-up now.

I agree. Another book would be awesome :)


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