The Twilight Saga

if you do,whats is better?to be a vampire or a werewolf?
i prefer a vampire but i would like to be a werewolf too..except for the naked part!LOL
what about you????
what you think?

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the vampire thing seems to me a lil bit too fantastic . however a part of me belives that werewolfs existed :D

and yeah i don't know what i would like to be either
i think it's all real, and i'd like to be a vampire!
I know there's such a thing as psychic vampires, and I know there are a few people in modern society who claim to be sanguinarian vampires (they actually DO drink human blood) but it's not because they have to do it to live, they just do it. Don't know why, really...

And as for werewolves there is a mental conditon where the patient in question believes that they actually transform into animals- psychologists called it "lycanthropy"- which was also used in ancient Greece when the first stories of shapshifing wolf-men came to be back in the olden days. The ideas and tales then moved westward and finally reached the anglo saxons- that's where the term "werewolf" (or "werewulf") came into use.

I could go on and on and on, but I think ya'll get the point.

I think the myths and stuff are all great, and sometimes I find myself wishing I could be a werewolf, but I think they're better just as fantasy. Our world is plenty crazy without monsters (REAL monsters) running around freely. :)
it could be partly possiblefor them to exist. id want to be a vampire.
To me almost ALL mythical beings are real, just not as most people have depicted them is all. Therians are in a way mortal werebeasts- or people who are spiritually part animal, but can't psyically transform themselves. I am a Therian.
honestly,all biaseness aside,i would want to be a wolf because i cant stand the idea of being dead and wearwolves are very protective..and alive
i would rather be a werewolf. but i totally beleive in both cuz they both need enemies so... yeah
i prefer half vampire half werewolf so i can be strong fast drink blood have a speciale gift and beautiful
i HOPE both of them exist.and i meet one of them.mostly werewolves.

I'm stuck between that... I would love it if the myths, fairytales and all those things were real, but it isn't, sadly. IF it was true and you could be a vampire or a werewolf, I have to say that I'm voting for being a werewolf. Don't get me wrong, I like vampires, but I just think that werewolves are warm and fuzzy and I like heat! Well, sometimes, depends on the situation. Like now, it's thirty in my country and I'm studying for my exams. I HATE THE SUN WHEN I HAVE TO LEARN FOR THINGS! Okay, now back to the question.

But if there was another option to vote for something like option c that you could choose another creature, demon or fantasy thing, I would choose a merman. I love to swim, in a pool! or at least in a sea where I can see my feet, and to have magical powers over water: freezing, moving, boiling, turning into a hard jelly substance, controlling the weater TOO...

werewolf-no question-all the way

i would soooooooooooo love to be a werewolf, that way i would imprint on jake/taylor and he me 

it would sooo happen!

also i think they both exist,i would just die if i met a wolf,prefrebly jacob or /and seth!!!!!


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