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too good.... hmmmmmmmmmmm... see your point...
yeah..Jake's too GOOD for her..she's..too obsessive (same goes for edward) and morbid at somepoint (cliff diving without Jake, stone slashing like the third wife in BD, going alone in the street ending up with gangsters)..and Jake had always been understanding..kind..and he wants somebody else's happiness be done before his own..he's selfless..and that's what we call unconditional love..=]
soooo agreed!!!
i agree too
definitely agree!
of course well he's better than her
I don't believe so. Jacob was patient, understanding, a safe harbor...did I mention understanding? So, no. Jacob deserved so much better and Bella was clearly not worth it.
he deserves her because she's who he loved but Bella doesnt deserve someone as loving and kind and understanding as jacob.she's waaay too obsessive and selfish.
until now i have suffred evert day thinking of the what could have been sif evr jacob and bella well ended up together ... the possibilities i mean... no reneesme... no braeking dawn... the twilight saga series could have had a different ending if bella chose to be with jacob in eclipse....
but as much as it hurts me so much that they couldn't be together even though they'r e soulmates i couldn't give up the thought of loosing renesme because of this...
sure....he do all he can for bella....when bella world are empty he fullfill he the want that colours bella world.
of course he really deserves bella co'z he always want her to be happy
I dont think that Bella is worth it, i mean, she acts so stupid and she almost killed herself for it! I think he deserves her, but she doesnt deserve him!


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