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i always used 2 think that jacob is the perfect guy! but then i saw da way he rudely kissed bella in eclipse! do u agree with me that he shouldn't have done that?

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The first time maybe, but the second time she asked him to do it. 

Yeah, it was a mistake on his part. But the whole time he was horrified that Bella would become a vampire so soon. Because he loves her so much, he'd stop at nothing to make sure that Bella stays alive, that she continues to live, that her heart continues to beat, and that she doesn't become a monster. If kissing her would make her see that she loved him and possibly change her mind about becoming a vampire, then he'd do it.
Look, im like this. Thats how it happened in the book. I dont think it was rude at all.
Same here.  He loved her, and he was in shock of the change coming so quickly.  I don't think it was rude, he was showing her he loved her.. even if not in the best way(;  He had to make sure she knew her options.
hey  u r absolutely right .she does not deserve any one's love. all she deserves is a kick in her a**.
No I do not agree with you. I say way to go Jacob!!!!! He knew how Bella felt about him and just wanted her to admit it to herself. It's not like Bella was married to Edward already or anything.... It was hysterical when she broke her hand punching him though.


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