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yo peeps~ what are your expectations for Eclipse??
What was your fave part in the book? and do you think it'll be in the movie?
one of my many fave parts was that whole scene in the tent ^^ i definitely think it'.s going to be in the movie..

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My expectations aren't that high, honestly.... from what i saw on the trailer........ shudder. Maybe as time passes I'll be enlightened to it!
Personally, I enjoy the bonfire with the pack. It felt magical to me, even though none of the legends are actually true, Stephenie Meyer made them up, but oh well. I liked it.
i agree with the bonfire part being somewhat magical~ that was a good part.
the book was amazing and i don't really no about this director i don't think it will be the best the trailer was okay it was horrifying though the bonfire was funny and the legends Stephanie Meyer came up with were amazing!!
me too, my favourite parts were the tent and bonfire scenes
phss my fav part was when jacob drove his motorcyclye 2 sch to get bella it was d best!! I HOPE IT WILL BE IN D MOVIE
my fav part was d tent scene too!i think,Eclipse will b a good film even though i didnt really like d trailer!
i was just reading that part in eclipse (like 6 minutes ago xD) that scene was intense...
i want to see some blood
and i want the acting to be a bit better then what we saw on new moon
and i want to see how good of a facial expression can robert do when jake kisses bella???!!!

eclipse is my fav book out of the 4, i hope thay make it good cause the last 2 were not so great...i had such high expectations from new moon and by the time i got to see it i felt like i saw the movie already cause all of the trailers and it wasnt that good.

ho, i hope the "new" victoria wont suck

i know im going to cry at the end....ho man!
omg omg omg me too! when bella breaks jake's heart, i cry everytime and seeing it on screen, i'll start bawlin. Eclipse is my fave!!!!!! it builds up all the action and tension between jake and ed but it also makes them come together to protect the one they love[bella].
i agree with you on the last two movies being not so great.... oh gosh, now you've got me eager to see robert's facial expression when jake kissed bella!
My favorite part has to be either when my jakey kisses bella, or the tent scene when Jakey would kill Edward...


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