The Twilight Saga

Whoah, now I'm confused. Anyhow, like I asked before (though I think I put it in the wrong spot) does anyone know what is?

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i think its when fans creat their own pieces from the books, yoo no, lik alternate endings and such?
I'd like to know it too is pretty much a website where fans, of certain books,movies,anime,manga and so in, can write stories of their own using the characters from that movie,book,anime etc.
It can be a critic of a book/movie or like a continuation of the book/movie.... is a website for fans of books, movies, tv series, manga to post their fanfiction and get feedback. Fanfiction is where the reader takes characters and makes stories with them. For things like Twilight, examples of stories are when you write a story with Edward and Bella as humans, or writing a story on what Edward did during New Moon.
i have noe idea wat dat izz
no sorry
wtite about wat u wnt in twilight etc


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