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Okay so i've never done this before, and i'd be grateful for any feedback... thanks.




Takes place in the woods after bella and edward get back from Italy...





First Quarter. A Jacob and Bella Love Story

Chapter one

“Don’t make me choose. ‘cause it’ll be him. It’s always been him.” This was breaking my heart, but he had to know.
“B-Bella…” was all he could manage.
I turned my back on him and walked toward Edward.
“Don’t you dare, Jacob!” Edward’s velvet voice was cold and threatening.
“Don’t tell me what to do, you filthy bloodsucker!” Jacob was stepping toward me reaching for my arm, when suddenly he was flying backward through the air. A fierce growl rumbled in his throat as he phased.
Edward stepped forward - putting himself between Jacob and me - and slipped into a crouch.
Jacob charged forward while Edward slipped further into his attacking stance.
It was then that something clicked inside my head, just as Edward pulled his hand back to deliver the deadly blow. I had to stop him! I threw myself between Edward and Jacob, with my back toward the giant russet wolf that was still charging forward.
“NO, Edward don’t!” I screamed as loud as I could “I love him!”
Edward straightened up immediately, an intensely worried look on his face. Behind me I heard Jacob stopped dead in his tracks.
I was frantic; I didn’t know how to explain myself to Edward.
“What do you mean, Bella?” Edwards voice was shaking slightly; I’d never heard him like this before.
“I – I – I’m so sorry Edward” I fell to my knees and broke down in hysterics. Just then, Jacob let out an ear-splitting howl. Edward, with his eyes still frozen on me, walked slowly forward and knelt down so his eyes were level with mine. I stared back at him, hopelessly.
Three huge wolves ran into the small clearing then. I looked around at them bewildered by why Jacob had called for backup now, with Edward so vulnerable. Then one of the wolves trotted toward Jacob and dropped something out of his mouth. The Jacob wolf picked it up and ran into the woods. I was on my feet in a second. My hand stretched out to where Jake had just disappeared; my eyes filled with fresh tears. Edward had understood what I was trying to say – Why hadn’t Jacob? I looked at the giant black wolf on my right – Sam – and he shook his head.
I turned back to where my hand was still reaching out and gasped when I saw Jacob in human form now – the wolf must of brought him some clothes – reaching toward it. He took my hand and pulled me into one of his bear-tight hugs. I breathed a sigh of relief and then deeply inhaled his woodsy-musky scent.
He let go of me and placed his hands on my shoulders and held me at arms length and stared into my eyes.
“I – I love you Jacob” I finally managed to choke out.
He just smiled his most Jacoby-smile and shouted, “I knew it” at the top of his voice.

His eyes flickered to the right, and I suddenly remembered Edward. He was still knelt in the same position as when I’d jumped up to follow Jake.
“Edward…” I began
his blazing gold eyes were suddenly boring into mine, he lurched to his feet and started in my direction. I took a step forward then turned back to Jacob. He just nodded, then I turned back to face Edward.
“Him? You…love him?” he sounded furious and it scared me. I just nodded sheepishly.
“You love that…that thing? That flee-ridden mutt!”
That did it. I was not going to let him get away with that.
“Don’t you freakin’ dare talk about my Jacob like that! He’s more human than you! ” As soon I said that last part I immediately felt guilty. Not guilty enough to take it back though. Jacob scoffed in disbelief. I turned to glance at him and he was in complete shock. I’d never stuck up for him against Edward like this…even when he wasn’t there.
I heard the chocolate brown wolf – Quil, I think – barked out a snicker before Sam growled an order of silence at him.

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very nice very nice keep up te good work
i like it keep writing
Iike where dis is heading
like.good job.
well i've already got some more written down on paper, and i just need to type it up. but im not sure about it. so if i message you it while im doing it stefanie, will you check it over for me? and please give me your honest opinion, and if you think i should change it pelase, just say? would that be alright?
“Look Edward, I’m sorry, but I can’t help how I feel. when i thought you were going to...hurt him.” i couldn't think of the right words.“something just clicked and i suddenly understood why it'd hurt so much to keep saying goodbye to him. and it explained why, after everytime, i always found my way back to him. i am so sorry Edward. I love you. i really do, but not in the same way as before. I'm in love with him, Edward and i always will be, i can see that now. i am sorry that this is hurting you. i wish i could make everything better.” i touched my hand to his cold, marble cheek. He closed his eyes and sighed. “ I don't regret the time i spent with you. and i definitely don't regret going to Italy. even though i feel different now, i still can't imagine anyone hurting you, a world where you don't exist just can't be. ”

As i was saying this two of the wolves had disappeared into the trees. there was just Jacob, Me, Edward and Sam.
“So can you just promise me something?” his eyes snapped open at my words, his expression curious.
“Don't do anything reckless.” this is what he'd said to me all those months ago, when he left me, all alone. Little did he know that i would be forever grateful to him for that. As his actions had found me my soulmate - Jacob.
“And i'll promise something to you in return. This will be the last time you'll ever see me. It will be like i never existed, i promise. If that's what you want. Of course i'd love it if we could somehow get past this and eventually still be friends. But if that's too much to ask...I'll understand. ”
“I had no idea the words i said to you, last year, could have this affect on a person. I'm sorry for that, and i'll never forgive myself for the pain I've caused you. I wish i could go back - then maybe I'd still have you. I guess i have myself to blame. I mean this is what i wanted - for you to have a chance at a normal life. Well reasonably normal.” He glanced at Jacob, then met my gaze again.
“I love you Bella. With all my heart. i never want it to be as if you never existed, nor will i let it be like that. I'll always be in the winds waiting for you, if you ever need me again.”

He stepped forward again after a second so we were just inches apart. “Always Bella” then he ducked his head a little and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes, wishing there were some way of pleasing them both. Then he was gone. I slowly opened my eyes and sighed. I felt Jacob's strong warm hands on my shoulders then and I spun around to face him. As I stood there, staring at his magnificent, muscular body, i realised that this is all i had ever wanted, all I had ever asked for. How could i of been so blind? All these months, my destiny, my soulmate was right infront of my eyes and i'd been completely oblivious! They say you can't see what you have standing right in front of you most times, I am happy I saw what I have before it was too late.

Chapter two.

I flung my arms around his neck and pushed up onto my toes to gain a few extra inches. his lips found mine with long awaited anticipation. Sam barked a laugh and i heard him retreat into the forest. I pulled away from Jacob's kiss and looked at him. An utterly ecstatic smile spread across his face, as he picked me up and crushed me to his chest, spinning around on the spot. He put me down and kissed me again, very passionatley this time. Then i pulled away.
“Can we go to yours?” I tried to sound as innocent as i could, but by the look on Jacob's face and by his answer, I hadn't done a very good job.
“Sure, Billy is over at the Clearwater's.” As he said this he helped me onto his back, and then we were off. Running through the forest at full speed. I lightly pressed my lips to his neck, over and over. We started to slow, then came to a stop outside Jacob's house. He swung me off his back and set me on my feet just infront of him. I wasn't smiling anymore; I was serious. I wanted him and i wanted him right now! He must of been thinking exactly the same because he grabbed me by the waist just then and kissed me so passionately I thought I was going to collapse. The kiss started to get better then, one of his hands found my butt, as the other gently caressed my waist.

The fingers of my left hand were tangled in his short hair while my right hand was pressed against his chest. We were standing so close that I felt it when he started to get hard. He moaned, sounding a little embarrassed. I pulled his face closer to mine as i gently slipped my right hand down the front of his old sweats. He growled quietly, letting his wild side through. I started backing toward his front porch. We managed to make it up the three small steps, somehow. we just stood there for a minute, my hand still down his pants, he was growling quietly, but moaning slightly at the same time. Then he turned his back to his house and started fumbling for the door handle. I took my hand from his shorts and slipped my jacket off, dropping it to the floor, just as he got the door open.
I put my arms around his neck again, and kissed him as he backed into his front room. I kicked the door shut once I was in. Then we both heard a studio audience burst into laughter on the T.V, and realised we weren't alone.

Quil and Embry were sitting on Jake's small sofa, staring at us with wide eyes. I started to blush and took an uncertain step away from Jacob.
“Hey Bella!” Quil said slowly, trying to stop himself from breaking down into fits of laughter. I smiled at him, embarassed and blushed an even deeper red, then quickly looked at the floor.
“Hey Jake” Embry said, eyeing me up and down and then moving on to do the same to Jake. he glanced at the bulge in Jacob's pants, then choked out a sort of laugh. “What's 'up'?” He put heavy emphasis on the word up then he and Quil burst out laughing. I couldn't help but giggle slightly with them.
“Well hell, don't let us stop you!” Quil managed after he finally calmed his laughter down. Embry erupted again.
Jacob stormed out of the room then, down the hall to his small bedroom. I stared after him, then turned to meet Quil's gaze.
“Go ahead Bella, he'll be waiting for you.”
“Oh, grow up!” I, all but shouted back at him. I started to walk toward Jacob's room and as I walked past Quil, I tapped him across the head and carried on walking.
“Ow!” he complained, I smiled.
I found Jacob sitting on the edge of his bed with his head in his hands. I walked into his room and quietly closed the door behind me.
“Jake...” I began. As I said this he stood up and closed the gap between us in one stride, and scooped me up in a hug.
“I'm so sorry” he said “They ruin everything!”
LOVE IT! I would like to read more! It's a goo story! Keep me updated plz!
Oo sh#*a jake was bout to get it in on bella
beats the bedroom scene in "breaking dawn" btwn bella and the vampire.
P.s anytime ther's s mini sex scenes In these stories I imagine taylor with no shirt on lookin so hawt
So guys, do you think they should get it on ;)? cos i have a scene for that already written. or should i come up with something else and get around to that later? Tell me your ideas and i'll put them into my story.
ooh and tell your friends to read please!

lots of love
I thinl u shood build up 2 dat part and I think they shood do it on d beach I've always imagined that


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