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Okay so i've never done this before, and i'd be grateful for any feedback... thanks.




Takes place in the woods after bella and edward get back from Italy...





First Quarter. A Jacob and Bella Love Story

Chapter one

“Don’t make me choose. ‘cause it’ll be him. It’s always been him.” This was breaking my heart, but he had to know.
“B-Bella…” was all he could manage.
I turned my back on him and walked toward Edward.
“Don’t you dare, Jacob!” Edward’s velvet voice was cold and threatening.
“Don’t tell me what to do, you filthy bloodsucker!” Jacob was stepping toward me reaching for my arm, when suddenly he was flying backward through the air. A fierce growl rumbled in his throat as he phased.
Edward stepped forward - putting himself between Jacob and me - and slipped into a crouch.
Jacob charged forward while Edward slipped further into his attacking stance.
It was then that something clicked inside my head, just as Edward pulled his hand back to deliver the deadly blow. I had to stop him! I threw myself between Edward and Jacob, with my back toward the giant russet wolf that was still charging forward.
“NO, Edward don’t!” I screamed as loud as I could “I love him!”
Edward straightened up immediately, an intensely worried look on his face. Behind me I heard Jacob stopped dead in his tracks.
I was frantic; I didn’t know how to explain myself to Edward.
“What do you mean, Bella?” Edwards voice was shaking slightly; I’d never heard him like this before.
“I – I – I’m so sorry Edward” I fell to my knees and broke down in hysterics. Just then, Jacob let out an ear-splitting howl. Edward, with his eyes still frozen on me, walked slowly forward and knelt down so his eyes were level with mine. I stared back at him, hopelessly.
Three huge wolves ran into the small clearing then. I looked around at them bewildered by why Jacob had called for backup now, with Edward so vulnerable. Then one of the wolves trotted toward Jacob and dropped something out of his mouth. The Jacob wolf picked it up and ran into the woods. I was on my feet in a second. My hand stretched out to where Jake had just disappeared; my eyes filled with fresh tears. Edward had understood what I was trying to say – Why hadn’t Jacob? I looked at the giant black wolf on my right – Sam – and he shook his head.
I turned back to where my hand was still reaching out and gasped when I saw Jacob in human form now – the wolf must of brought him some clothes – reaching toward it. He took my hand and pulled me into one of his bear-tight hugs. I breathed a sigh of relief and then deeply inhaled his woodsy-musky scent.
He let go of me and placed his hands on my shoulders and held me at arms length and stared into my eyes.
“I – I love you Jacob” I finally managed to choke out.
He just smiled his most Jacoby-smile and shouted, “I knew it” at the top of his voice.

His eyes flickered to the right, and I suddenly remembered Edward. He was still knelt in the same position as when I’d jumped up to follow Jake.
“Edward…” I began
his blazing gold eyes were suddenly boring into mine, he lurched to his feet and started in my direction. I took a step forward then turned back to Jacob. He just nodded, then I turned back to face Edward.
“Him? You…love him?” he sounded furious and it scared me. I just nodded sheepishly.
“You love that…that thing? That flee-ridden mutt!”
That did it. I was not going to let him get away with that.
“Don’t you freakin’ dare talk about my Jacob like that! He’s more human than you! ” As soon I said that last part I immediately felt guilty. Not guilty enough to take it back though. Jacob scoffed in disbelief. I turned to glance at him and he was in complete shock. I’d never stuck up for him against Edward like this…even when he wasn’t there.
I heard the chocolate brown wolf – Quil, I think – barked out a snicker before Sam growled an order of silence at him.

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Helen when are you posting up the next chapter of this story I can't wait to read it
well im working on it now so...shouldn't be too long if my internet stops going down! gah! :D
i love it post more soon
thanks guys. i will as soon as i get it typed up. im like super-busy at the moment :S
Okay; i have a question for you all;
-while i've been busy, i've come up with 2 possible story lines for this. so...
should i keep this a Bella and jacob story and come up with some tragic sceario where someone save the day?
or shoudl one of the wolves imprint on Bells? hmmm... not saying which one though :)xxxx
no i think u should just hav it a bella and jacob story but like add at lil drama but not alot it just bugs me when people take it to over the top wit drama lol (wink-wink) ps love how its going now
im having such a hard time continuing this story.. i started another and i find it alot easier to write that one. so if you've got good ideas, tell me! i could really use some haha
I dnt think another wolf shood imprint on bells I think u shood go wit the other plot p.s I luv drama
No you should continue this one
I going to start a different story some time next week so
But really it is up to you Helen
Sorry Sorry Sorry!
my computer broke and i had no way of updating!
im typing the next bit now, will be up shortly :D

so this is real short; i know. sorry :P




We sat watching TV for around a half hour.

“So you coming to the bonfire down the beach?” Embry asked me

“What exactly happens at these ‘beach bonfires’? ”

“We’re have fun, catch up Oh! And eat!” Quil – always thinking about food.

“Oh sounds cool” I replied

“Well me and Quil are gonna go down and help set everything up.” Embry said while he and Quil stood up

“Everyone else should be there by 7.30. Okay Jake?” Quil asked

“Yeah, yeah. We’ll be there.” And with that, Quil and Embry walked out.


Just about everyone was there by the time me and Jake arrived. Laughing, eating and just enjoying themselves.

As me and Jake made our way to one of the logs surrounding the fire and sat down, I couldn’t help but compare this – being here with the wolves – to hanging around at the Cullen place. It seems rather miserable, the only real fun I had up there was with Emmett. I’ll miss him if they move away. He’s the best big brother I could ask for.

“What are you smiling at Bells?” Jacob questioned. Great, I bet I look like a complete idiot.

“Oh I was just thinking about how all this seems so much more fun, compared to hanging out in a house full of vampires.” I giggled to my self but stopped short when I met the gaze of one of the other boys.

He was standing staring at me, a curious look on his face. I shrugged Jake’s arm form around my shoulders and slowly stood up.

“Bells? What’s up?” Jacob asked, sounding rather worried. I was too fixated on this other boy to bother answering him though.

Jacob fell silent for a minute as I walked toward the boy. Then he started to shout.

“Seth?” I wondered out loud. It’s Seth! God I haven’t seen him in years! “Seth baby!”

I ran over to him and jumped into his arms. Luckily he was strong enough to stay upright, what with being a werewolf and all.

“Belly?” He wrapped his arms around me, hugging me tight and lifting me so my feet were about a foot off the ground.

He set me down, putting his hands on my shoulders and keeping me at arms length. A huge grin on his face.

 I examined him, realising I had to crane my neck to see his face, even at this distance.

“Well…” I started, noticing everyone was staring at us. “Guess I can’t exactly call you my little boy anymore can I?”

“Not really” He chuckled“ I’ll just have to be your big brother now.”

I grinned stupidly for a moment before a thought struck me.

“Is Leah here?”

“She should be here soon. So how’ve you been Belly?” aww I really do love Seth.

“Same old, same old. Hunted by vampires”

“The usual, huh?”

“Yupp” we both laughed. I glanced around to see everyone was still frozen with shock. I heard a car door shut, followed by female voices. I turned to see who it was – Emily, Kim and is that Leah? Oh my God!

All three of them stopped as they got close to the bonfire. Emily was looking at Sam, worried and Kim was looking at Jared the same.

Leah was looking very confused by everyone’s behaviour. He eyes scanning all the boys.

I had to giggle at her expression, she looked almost pained. Once I did this her eyes snapped to meet my gaze.

At first she looked rather pissed, then utter shock crossed her face. Eventually her expression showed the excited, girly Leah I remember.

“Belly! OH MY LORD IS THAT YOU?” she yelled while running toward me.

this is a good story already


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