The Twilight Saga

Lizzy thought she was an average teenage girl living a normal life and going through normal problems like everyone else....But that is what she thought

She'll soon find out that she was wrong......





Chapter 1


She is mine
she's have to die
she's have to awaken.
They said then they reached out their hands and choked me. I am going to Die, I am going to di-

I jumped up scared, it was in the middle of the night. I touched my throat; it felt real like someone choked me.
"That was the tenth time I got that dream," I said still very scared. I looked at the clock: 4:12 a.m. I groaned and got up, "Since I am already awake, I guess I will get ready for school," I said as i got dressed. Then someone whispered, "Be careful, Izzy," I turned but no one was there. 


I walked to school a few hours earlier, "It is 7:00 a.m right now," I said looking at my watch. "Lizzy," said a voice. i quickly turned and looked at the person. I froze. He was beautiful with black hair with icy blue eyes, but I shivered when I saw him, too beautiful. He smiled a perfect white smile, "Your blood smell so good," he said as he attacked me. I ran away, but he was too fast. Then he put his teeth on my neck, I screamed.  I blacked out, the last thing I saw was blood and forest green eyes.



I opened my eyes and looked up to see Elena, Cary, and Tom. I groaned, "Where am I?"
"In the nurse's office," said Elena.
"We saw you laying around in the hall,"
"Oh, i am fine now," I said then I got up unsteady.
"Watch it!" said Tom as he helped me. Cary started dancing, then she smiled.
"Today, we are having two new, hot students!" she said happily.
"Great," I said rolling my eyes as Tom helped me to class. I shivered when I thought about those icy blue eyes.



"Hi everyone!" said Mr. Smith, an elderly man who everyone liked. "Today, we have new students, come in!" he said happily like usual. Two guys stepped in, they had on hoodies that covered most of their face, there was only two things that was showed, their eyes, one golden, one jade green. I watched them quietly, clearly surprised. Mr. Smith just looked at them and said, "Your names?"
"So Knight"
"Kay Knight" 
Those names sounded familiar, but I didn't know where and when. A blunt memory of the past I didn't knew.

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I'll post up the rest of the chapters in a while okay....


Nice. I can't wait.

Chapter 2

I watched them stand there waiting, too still. Finally, Mr. Smith said, "Okay, both of you can sit.” Please don't make them sit near me, please I thought to myself. Everyone else was excited and hopeful. But i wasn't. Please don-
"The left and the right of Elizabeth," Mr. Smith said. "Lizzy?" There goes my wish. I sighed and raised my hand. "That is Lizzy, go sit down." he continued. They silently walked to the seats on both side of me. So silent, more quiet than a mouse. I turned and found myself looking into jade green eyes. They were dazzling and stunning and extremely beautiful. I looked away blushing. The jade eyes boy leaned over and said, "Lizzy," in the most quiet voice ever, so soft and longingly?! That voice was familiar, flashes of memories went to my mind, hands touching me longingly and full of love an-. I shook my head then I looked down at my paper. That can't be real; I am just a normal girl in a normal town with a normal name I thought to myself. Then the bell rang.



Cary ran to me when I walked to our eating place. She looked at me with jealousy.
"You are lucky to sit by them," she said looking at So and Kay.
"They are creepy," I said drinking my apple juice.
"No, they are dead down sexy," she said. I glanced over at them. They were beautiful, perfect....but perfect doesn't exist. That was what I thought.
"That is the problem, too perfect" I said as I munched on my sandwich. Cary frowned at me. but then she forgot all about it and ate her sandwich.
" are you and Tom?" I asked. She choked on her sandwich.
I smirked, "You guys look good together," I said looking at her. She had golden wavy hair and interesting brown eyes. i said she is pretty, but she keep saying I am. Tom is a pure blond with blond hair and sky blue eyes. Elena too. I felt different with my black hair and blue eyes.
"Nothing," she said drinking her orange juice.
I turned and saw Tom and Elena. I waved. Elena sat next to me and Tom of course sat next to Cary.
"Are you sure?" i asked Cary, she stayed quiet, "Tom, tell me," i said eying Tom.
"Well...we are kind of......ummm" he started to said, blushing.
"You guys are dating," said Elena drinking her soda. They blushed.
"That is good!" i said smiling. Then the bell rang. i didn't noticed two shadows watching me from the trees.



I walked back to class. Then I bumped into a guy. I looked up and found myself looking into gold eyes, "Which one are you?" i asked him.
"I am So," he said emotionless. He looks familiar.
"Do I know you?" i asked. He froze then he smiled at me.
"Not at all," he said, then he walked away. Why do I feel like he is lying I thought as I walked to class.
The final bell rang, I got my backpack and walked home. Suddenly i shivered, it felt like someone is following me, watching me. I turned, but no one was there. I kept walking. I felt more scared, I looked up to see a vulture. It looked at me like I am a delicious meal to eat. I looked away then i started running. I ran as fast as I can, I don't know why, but I didn't feel safe. I locked the doors and windows and went to sleep. I didn't felt four pair of eyes watching me.



Kay's POV
I watched her sleep, her peaceful face. So stared at me and frowned, "You are not planning to..."
I kissed her forehead.
"I am, she is my fiance, not yours" i said to him. He hissed at me, then he jumped out of the window. I smiled at Lizzy, "I missed you, Lizzy," i said touching her face. "I am not giving you up again,"

WHATT??? What is happening? Fiance?! Hmm I must keep reading.. LOVES IT
i'll post more when i get back home right now i am by my friend for the rest of the week so i don't have my flashdrive ok I'm really sorry but i do hope u guys like it...
This is really good. Did Kay and Lizzie meet sometime in the past? Did somebody bite her? Write more, more, write more.


Chapter 3

I woke up the next morning shivering. I t was and am always cold in the morning. i got up and got dressed. It seem peaceful for once in this town and last night i didn't have that dream. I smiled as I walked to school, "Morning!" i called out. My friends turned and smiled back.
"Hey Lizzy," they said to me as I walked to them. Cary walked next to me leaving Tom just standing there. Poor Tom.
"Lizzy, guess what," she said.
"The new students got first place in the test,"
"......WHAT!!?" I yelled, "They bested me?" She nodded pointing to the scoreboard. i ran over and looked up, there in print said:
First Place: Elisabeth Shade Kay Knight
First Place: Elisabeth Shade So Knight
I just stared, some newbie bested me! The word "newbie" felt very strange when I say it about them. Why? I shook my head and then I bumped backward into someone. "Sorry," i said to the person as I turned around. Standing in front of me was Kay Knight, I glared at him. He just
"Elisabeth" he said politely.
"Kay" i said still glaring at him. Then he chuckled. He chuckled!? I huffed and walked back to my friends. I crossed my arms frowning.
"Lizzy, you can get first next time," said Tom.
"I am not mad about first place, it is because of, of, of him," I said pointing to Kay. They looked at each other and patted me on the back,
"Come on, Lizzy," I stood there still glaring at him, and then I turned to them.
"Fine," I huffed, then we walked to class.
Kay's POV
"Hmm, it worked perfectly," I said watching her walked away, then I turned and smiled at So, "Don't you think, brother?" He growled at me.
"And our people says you're the good one," So hissed.
I smiled innocently, "I am, I didn't burned down the tower, killed the lord and stole his own brother fiancée, did I?"
"I didn't steal your fiancé, she wanted me," he said.
"Yeah, wanted, in the past. I will make sure she will fall for me like she is supposed to," I said to him. Then I jumped out of the tree and walked to class. I can still hear him cussing under his breath as i walked away. A smile creeps on my face
I twirled my pencil, not listening. I turned to looked at the sky, so peaceful-
I turned and looked at Ms. Xsder, "Yes?" i said
"Lizzy, what is the answer of the question?" she said.
Crap I thought to myself. "Ummm tw-"
"Twenty six" said a voice.
I turned around, behind me was So. Ms. Xsder smiled, "Correct!" she said looking dazed. So smiled a fake smile. When Ms Xsder turned around. I turned back to So.
"Thanks," i said to him. He smiled at me. That smile made my heart beat fast like if my heart misses it. For some reason, i wanted to hug him. He sounded familiar and his golden eyes went though me, I felt myself getting hot. I quickly turned around, my heart still beating fast and my face redder than a tomato. Finally the bell rang, I quickly got out of the classroom where I could feel So Knight's eyes on me.
Finally the final bell rang, I got my bag and walked out of the class and straight for home. Well I didn't saw it coming. Suddenly something hit my head and I blacked out.
Thirsty for more. Love your imagination Tammy.

 Chapter 4

 In the Eripmav world with my fiancé.

I was starting to get feeling in my body. I tried to open my eyes; my eyelids felt like someone threw sand under them. I just laid there waiting to get back the strength I’ll need to get up. I was trying to
recall what had happened to me before now, so I played back a quick recap of my day, today, in my head.

I remembered: getting up and going to school, talking to my friends about the first place student in class, bumping into one of the new kids, Kay, ignoring my teacher and So answering for me, walking home and then feeling pain. So what had happened earlier?

“I told you it was a bad idea to bring her now.” I heard a vaguely familiar voice say. I groan at the sharp pain I felt in my head.
“It is not me who hit her remember.” I am positive I knew that voice, it was Kay’s, one of the new kids in school. I shot up and sat upright and my eyes wide opened. I stared straight at Kay, breathing heavily.
"You're awake, finally." Kay said and hugged me. I winced, but it felt do right for him to be hugging me. Wait. What the hell am I thinking? He pulled away, almost as if he heard what I thought.

I looked around at the room.
It was a really beautiful, in a old English historical way.
The walls were off-white and had floor the to ceiling hand carved windows in white, with the drapes tied up. It had a beautiful painting of me and Kay on one of the walls and then anoth--- I stopped midway in my thoughts. My eyes shut back at the painting of me and Kay. What the hell was going on?
"What the hell is that?" I asked forgetting where I was at that time. I pointed at the painting on the wall.
"Well at least we know she could see." So said walking to the next side of the bed.

I was on a bed? I took one more look at my surroundings before answering myself.
I was on a bed. a really huge bed. Kay sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over to me.
"You're home." Kay said to me. I thought he was going to kiss me. My body was singing for him to kiss me, even my heartbeat accelerated as he leaned closer to me.
"Yes Lizzy you're home and we hope you stay." So said breaking into my thoughts and killing my moment with Kay.
"Stay?" I asked them, looking from Kay to So. "This isn't my home. I don't even want to know where I am all I want is to go back home. Why is the painting the splitting image of me and you, Kay? " I asked looking at the painting. I was distracted by that picture.
"You are in that picture Lizzy because you are my fiancé. And we will rule here in Eripmav." Kay said stroking my cheek. God that felt good.
"Eripmav? That place doesn't exist. I never heard of it." I said to him, melting away as his hand moved to my arm.


A huge lump formed in my throat. When his hand stopped, I continued to say, "Why am i in that picture, Kay? I've never been here," Then it dawned on me, he was following me.
He is absolutely great in art, so he could of painted me in his on imagination and hanged it on his wall in his room.

But how did I get in his room?
Did he and his brother kidnap me?
I have a head ache, I was thinking to much things at the same time.
"Lizzy, truth be told we are to be wedded, next week. You are my fiancée and I love you more than anything in this world. Our people were concerned when you disappeared last month. I was frightened as hell,"
Kay said looking absolutely adorable when he was worried. I smiled at him and he stopped talking.

He looked straight into my eyes as if he was seeing into my soul.
Where did all the air in the room go? I couldn't breath.
He leaned over to me and I could feel the heat radiating off his body. His lips were at least one inch away from mine.
If he leaned a little more, I'll lean forward and kiss him.
As if reading my thoughts he leaned closer to me and I felt his breath on my lips. my body was starting to feel weak.
My lips pressed against his and my body was soaring to places I didn't know existed. Kay's hand wrapped around my body was the only support I needed. He passed his hand up and down the middle of my back.
Oh how I wish he won't stop doing that. I really wanted him to carry things a lot further. Kay moved in closer to me, my heart was beating out of control. I really didn't care what had happened but I surely
didn't want this kiss to break.
My breathing became ragged as his hand roved up to my neck. I breathed in his scent. Oh he smelled so good.



Kay's POV

"Kay maybe you should show her around and finish tell her how she went missing from her kingdom." So said intentionally to stop me from kissing her for the first time in one month.
I broke away from kissing Lizzy and I smiled against her lips then turned to watch So.
"Sometimes I wish it was you who went missing." I said and raised up from her.
I could of sworn I saw disappointment in her eyes as I moved away.
 I turned to So,” Would you mind leaving for her to change or you want to be here with her as well?" I asked him smiling.

So turned away and left the room. I had a huge grin plastered on my face when I heard the door shut.
"Okay hurry and get dressed." I said handing her one of her favorite dresses.
"Am I suppose to stripe while you watch me or you're leaving the room to?" Elizabeth asked me and I chuckled.
"No I am not leaving but I will turn around and let you get dressed." I said and turned around and faced the wall.
"Great I feel much better." she said sarcastically.
"Like I haven't seen you change before," I said smiling at the wall. It was.
"Fine. Kay turn around and watch me." Lizzy snapped at me. I turned around slowly and watched her in the lilac silk dress. She looked absolutely breathtaking. I blinked twice and looked at the ground.

I walked over to the closet and opened it and took out her long coat she use to wear during the winter.
I held it up for her to put it on. She turned and I raised the jacket high enough for her to shrug it on, she slipped into it perfectly and turned and faced me. I stared at her and she looked directly in my eyes.
"Shall we go now?" She asked, pointing to the door. I nodded and walked in front of her.


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