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Story: Girl Meets World

Bella's POV


Isabella Swan, a seventeen year old-girl from Forks, was never quite normal.

Firstly, because she had a skin as pale as snow. She moved from Phoenix at her mom to Forks at her dad. Normally, people who live in Phoenix, are tanned. But not Isabella…

Second: she never used her real name "Isabella". When someone asked her name, she replied "Bella".

As a third one: when she moved to Forks, she met a special person: Edward Cullen. She discovered that he was a vampire when someone from La Push told her an old legend. It was Billy Black who had told her and since then, she began to think about Edward. They started a relationship. A lamb fell in love with a lion. But do all lions pray at only one lamb?




ḋαṃøṉ'ṡ ģαl {ώɾïτεɾ4lïƒε}




NOTE: the title of the story is inspired by Selena Gomez. The chapter's names too! I give credit to who it belongs. :D

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Nice.......keep going please.

I'll update now...

Chapter 1: The Way I Loved You

I woke up in my bed at Charlie's. My MP3 had woken me up with my personal music. I turned it a bit louder. I felt like I was going to have a great day. I got dressed in a jeans, a grey shirt and brown jacket. I combed my hair with a comb and I washed myself at the sink from the bathroom. I took the stairs and went down from it. I smiled happily and that's probably why Charlie asked me why I smiled when I entered the kitchen.

'I'm happy, that's all', I replied.

Charlie gazed at me and ran his eyes up and down. 'Is it that Cullen guy? What did he do?'

He laid his hand on his gun and my eyes followed it. 'There's nothing wrong with him, dad. He's a good guy. He's a really good guy, you know.'

'I don't trust him. No one touches my baby.'

'Dad, I'm not a baby anymore.'

I took an apple and wanted to walk out of the kitchen.

'Aren't you going to eat anything?' asked Charlie.

I turned around and looked straight in his eyes. I wanted to say something rude, but that could break his heart. I couldn't break his heart. I already once when I choose to live with my mom. I was not planning to do that again so I said: 'I'll have this apple as breakfast, okay?'

'Don't be late, alright!'

'Yes, dad', I replied.

I opened the front door and I saw a shiny car parked on the street. I smiled, I guess a bit too much, at it. Although, most likely to the person who was in it. I watched for any movement behind the dark windows and noticed that a girl with sparkly hair was in it: Alice. That was his sister. I knew that she wasn't. Not even close to being family. My boyfriend was a vampire and I liked that. I had only found out about it a few weeks ago and I liked it. I saw him looking at some persons and he had this weird expression on his face. Like he knew something from them that anyone else didn't… And I knew why now: he could read minds. Although mine was a complete mystery to him. That didn't surprise me: sometimes it's a mystery to me too.

I walked over to the car and I had this feeling someone was watching me. I had two options: either Edward was gazing at me from his car or either Charlie was looking at me. I thought that it was option two and I was right. When I got in the car, I saw the white curtain sliding aside when a hand pulled away. I laughed a little and I turned my head to Edward.


'Morning', he said and he started the car.

This was weird. Normally, he would kiss me and hug me just like that, without asking. Then I could feel his cold hands against mine, his lips against my cheek, sometimes his arms wrapped around my body,…

'Bella, how are you doing?' asked Alice joyfully.

'Great', I answered and turned to her. 'And you?'

'Great, couldn't be better. Although, Bella, there's something you need to know', she began.

'Alice, shut up!' yelled Edward out of the blue.

'This was going on for two weeks now. Every time when Alice was trying to say something important to me, Edward would interrupt. I was dying! I needed to know what she wanted to say. I just couldn't hold it anymore.

'Edward, please, let her speak.'

'No, she has to be silent for a moment. I have a headache', replied Edward.

I had never seen him like this and I decided to be quiet myself. Maybe he was angry by something Rosalie had said to him or something like that. Luckily he couldn't read my mind because my thoughts may have caused him more angriness. We drove further to school and he searched for a parking spot on the parking lot. When we found one, he gave a weird look at Alice. He expected me not to see that, but I did. Alice slightly nodded and got out of the car. He turned to me and I got ready to get something in my face. A huge ball got stuck in my throat and I had trouble with making it disappear. In the background was the music of the radio. I heard the song "Use Somebody" from Laura Jansen, I think. That played on the radio since she had covered it. Not bad for a Dutch girl.

'Bella, there is something I need to tell you.'

'What is it, Edward? You're acting suspicious for weeks now. I was hoping that you would change', I interrupted him. I didn't care that he looked angry at me after that. That was just something between us.

'Well, Bella, I'm breaking up with you', he suddenly said.

My heart felt like it stopped banging. Something hurt inside me and it felt weird. I imagined hundreds of red roses falling down the sky, turning to black ones. The sky was turning from sunny to cloudy with dark clouds full with rain. Lightning was striking in front of my eyes and thunder banged in my head. My throat had swollen up a minute ago and now it began to grow even more. I almost choked. My eyes filled themselves with tears. Seconds later, they rolled down my cheeks and I wiped them away.

'You're going to do what with me?' I asked between my sobs.

'I'm breaking up with you. We can't see each other anymore', replied Edward.

'Is it because of something that Rosalie said? Or Jasper?'

I never liked Rosalie and she never liked me. Maybe she was the cause of everything. Jasper hated me being with Edward… Well, he hated it that I was human. He wanted me to be a vampire. Then I could be with Edward.

'No, I just don't want to see you anymore.'

'But why?'

Edward sighed and looked away. He held his hand on the driving-wheel and he gazed at the school building.


'I just can't see you anymore, Isabella.'

'It's Bella, bloodsucker!' I said forcefully and got out of the car. Tears collapsed together in my eyes and streamed down like a mountain river. I passed my friends.

'Hey, Bella, wait up', said Jessica. She ran after me into the toilets and she looked at me. 'Bella, what's going on?'


I couldn't say his name. It was like a switch was turned inside my head. A switch that said "don't say his name". Scenes of him and me flashed in my memory. What was going on? I didn't know myself. But it felt like all the memories of E… him and me were sucked out of my brain and flushed away through the toilet.

'Is it Edward?' asked Jessica.

The doors flew open and Angela came in too. She had run as fast as she could, I thought. She wasn't the kind of girl who liked gym.

'Yes', I whispered.

'Ow, Bella', said Jessica and Angela at the same time and hugged me. Normally, I would have disliked this and pushed them away. Now, I just wanted to cling to each other so they could keep me on my feet.

Angela and Jessica guided me out of the toilet and into the class room a few meters away. Jessica looked around and no one else was in it. Angela closed the door behind her.

'What is wrong?' asked Jessica when I took a seat.

'He broke up with me', I sighed.

Jessica and Angela gazed at me and their mouths dropped open. I heard mixed reactions.

'That's not possible!' said Jessica.

'He loves you!' replied Angela.

'Well, loved actually.'

'Yes, I know that, but he can't break up with you.'

'Are you sure that he broke up with you?'

'You make a good couple.'

'Well, instead of him and me of course.'

'Please, stop!' I interrupted. 'Just stop, okay! I just can't take it.'

Angela and Jessica looked at me. Angela understood and excused her for being so selfish. Jessica apologized but not because she liked it. She wanted Edward for herself. I knew that, but it was one of my best friends on Forks High School. I had to be careful, well, at least a bit. I gazed back at the two and took my backpack. I left them standing in the toilets and rushed to the class room of English.

This school day was going slower than I ever could imagine. It felt like it went on for ages and I couldn't do anything except for sitting on a chair and listening to the teacher. Although I didn't care for the subjects. I mostly looked out of the window and didn't pay attention. When the bell rang for the lunch, I just sat alone at a table. Angela and Jessica approached and took seats next to me. I looked at them and faked a smile.

'You don't have to fake around us, you know', Angela comforted me. 'You'll get true this. My first crush was just like this.'

But she didn't understand that my love for Edward wasn't a crush. My love for Edward had been strong and unbreakable. Like an eternal flame burning in my heart and nothing could destroy it: water, earth or air could not break its magical spell. But my flame was slowly extinguishing because of one person: the one who set me on fire. My heart was broken.

'If you want too, we can do something sometime later', began Jessica. 'Vacation starts in few days and maybe you'll like that!'

I didn't know what to say. I opened my mouth and wanted to say "I don't want to go" until I saw someone approaching our table. It was Edward. I replied instead: 'You know, let's do that!'

I looked in his eyes. He somehow got a bit scared of me because of the daggers that I was sending him. I didn't know anymore. Was I dull and sad over him? Or was I, deep down, mad and angry at him?

I stood up and Angela and Jessica followed me as my shadows. I threw my food in the trash and passed the table of Edward's family. They all – included Jasper (wasn't a surprise) and Rosalie (that was a surprise) – looked at me with sorrowful and regretful eyes. Did they know something that I didn't? No, probably not. I passed them and didn't pay any attention to them. I walked out of the school building. Two benches were in front of the school. Funny, because they weren't there yesterday. I took a seat on the bench on the right from the stairs that led to the entrance of the school. I gazed at the school parking lot, but I didn't pay attention at the people and cars passing by.

I heard the ball rang. I didn't realize that I had to go until I saw fellow students arriving at school. Those were the ones that went home to eat. I stood up and walked to the door. Someone opened it and I saw someone coming through it: Edward.

Continue Please. Its Great.

really good plz continue!

Thanks... I think I'll update tonight...
I think I'll update sooner, the chapter is already done... That's because I started it on first :D

Chapter 2: I Won't Apologize

Edward walked through the doors and I saw his arm around someone. A blond girl with blue eyes and a smile that could blind even a blind man. He saw me and grinned. It was like if he had hypnotized that girl and just used her back to get me jealous. Maybe because I treated him wrong in the cafeteria?

No, Bella! said a voice in my head. He was wrong himself.

I believed that voice and walked passed him with a glare of angry eyes. I entered the school building again. The rest of the day was okay. I had trouble with math, but it ended all okay in the end. I left the school behind me and walked to the parking lot. I looked around and saw Mike standing there with Angela and Jessica. My two best friends had been avoiding me since I lost them behind me in the cafeteria. They hadn't spoken to me after that. But now they glared at me and Mike followed their eyes. He smiled and waved. I waved back and approached them.

'Is anything wrong?' I asked.

'Well, we know what Edward has done to you and we wanted to do something about it. I proposed a vacation', said Jessica.

'And I agreed with it, you remember?'

'Yes, but there's still one problem: your father. He wouldn't let you', replied Angela.

'Well, my dad wasn't a fan of my relationship with Edward so if I tell him what he did', I began, 'then he'll probably get his gun or something like that.'

'Yeah, you don't mess with the sheriff's daughter', laughed Mike.

I gave him a glare and he stopped. I snorted and I replied. 'Yeah, you wouldn't do that either, right Mike?'

'That was one time during gym. You was climbing that rope and I couldn't leave it like that.'

'Yes, but saying that a spider was higher up so I got stuck there', I laughed at him.

We got in the car. They would give me a ride back home. I saw that girl entering Edward's girl and then I knew. He was never after me; he was after that girl. I knew so well that I wasn't okay. I could laugh, joke and be angry at Edward, but I wasn't in the mood for them. One thing was the one thing that I couldn't be much: angry at him. I acted like I was angry – and I was a bit – but my heart was full with pain and sorrow. It felt like my heart had been ripped out of my body by a vampire. And in fact, it was like that.

Mike pulled over when we were in front of Charlie's house. I stepped out of the car and smiled at them. 'Thanks for the ride!'

I waved at them while they drove back and I smiled. Thank god that I had such good friends. Now the hard part: facing my dad with my problems. Suddenly, my stomach hurt. As if a stone had hit my belly and it cut through me. I knew for what reason: pain in my heart. My heart must have trailed down and now it got stuck, in figure of speech of course. But then the pain disappeared and I looked around. There was only one person that could take my pain away so simply. I looked up and saw Jasper standing on the edge of the forest. I looked around and saw that the car of Mike was already out of the street. I turned my eyes at him and he kept standing there.

'What are you doing here?' I asked.

'Bella, can we talk somewhere private?' he asked. It didn't hear as a question so I followed him.

We walked through the forest and by every ten steps, I looked backwards to see how far we were from my house. He stopped abruptly and I bumped into him. My nose dove into his shirt and I could smell his manly odor. Something inside was making me falling in love with him, but that couldn't be. Jasper turned around and gave a wicked smile. He did this! He made me fall in love with him! Well, almost fall in love with him.

'Glad that you followed, Bella', he whispered and he laid his on my cheek. I smacked it away. He just chuckled: 'You can't fight it, Bella.'

'Yes, I can', I replied and turned around to leave. I heard a sound and saw a flash. He was in front of me all of a sudden and I backed away. 'What do you want, Jasper?'

'You', he replied. My eyes were wide open and I stepped backwards. 'And not in the vampire way.' Well, that was a relief. But what did he mean? Then it hit me: he wanted ME. And I hoped that it was in the first stage wanting!

He walked over to me and pushed me against a tree. He leaned in, but I resisted. I pushed my hands against his chest, but he held his hands on my shoulders. I couldn't get away. His breath tickled my skin suddenly and it smelled like strawberry. Did he use a spray for your breath? I couldn't decide if it either was weird or funny. I suddenly felt his lips against mine and they suffocated my objection. He kissed me roughly and hard, and his other hand held me tight in my neck so I couldn't get away. I pushed with all my force against him, but he didn't seem to notice. His mouth was soft, weird soft actually, and his lips moved on an unfamiliar way against mine.

I wanted to push his face away, but I didn't succeed. This time he seemed to notice, but he kept kissing me. His hands ran down to my waist and he laid his cold hands on my naked skin. His lips forced mine open and I felt his breath in my mouth.

I dropped my hands and stopped doing anything. I opened my eyes, didn't resist and felt nothing… This worked. His lips backed away and he did that too to see if I was okay… Or something like that. He kissed my lips two times, very soft. I just pretended that I was a statue, a dead creature, a stuffed person and let him be. He backed away from me so I had some space.

'Now, wasn't that a real kiss? I knew that you had a thing for me. I always felt your love when you were around us', he said.

'That was because of Edward, Jasper', I replied. I didn't want him to get upset. If I made him upset, would he hurt me? And either if he didn't, I still disliked what he had just done to me. In fact, I hated it! I wanted to punch him. My mind said "no" to that thought, because I would probably break my hand. 'Could you please leave?'

'Why?' he asked.

'Because I don't want to see you, Jasper. I'm not in love with you.'

His faced changed. His eyes narrowed at me and he opened his mouth. He pushed his body against mine and I could feel something twitch in pants. I gasped when he tried to kiss me again. I ducked and broke away from his grip. I ran towards my home. I saw Charlie coming outside through the front door and ran even faster. I heard him cursing my name and he raced after me. I tripped over a root, of course, and he fell over me. He flew against a tree and I got up. I passed him and made to the edge of the forest. I rushed to my dad who looked with small eyes at me.

'What's going on, Isabella?'

'Dad, I have something to tell you', I said. He followed me inside. I closed the door behind me and saw a flash of Jasper's angry face outside. It got me scared and I rushed to the kitchen.

'Well, what is it?' asked Charlie.

I turned my face to him. His expression was a mix of anger and confusion. He paced through the kitchen and it made me more nervous then I already was. I looked at him and asked him to stop. He stopped and just asked – again – what was going on. I told him that Edward broke up with me – a sudden twitch in his face – and that my friends suggested taking a trip. He just hummed and kept thinking. His fingers were against his mouth and I saw his eyes narrow. They flew open at me. I backed away to hear something like "no way" or "are you crazy" or "over my dead body". But he said: 'Agreed.'

My mouth dropped open. I gazed at him and said: 'Thanks, dad! I'm glad that you agree.'

'But if I see that son of a…', he looked at me, 'son of a doctor', good save dad, 'I will make him suffer. Okay Isabella?'

'It's Bella, dad. And yes, thanks dad!'

I flew in his arms and looked through the window. An angry Jasper stood there and I made a little scream.

'What's wrong, Bella?' asked Charlie and he looked through the window.

Jasper had moved from the window in front of me to the window on the left. I glared at him and shook my head to him that I would come. I smiled at my dad and said that I would go to my room. Jasper had heard it, because he was gone after that. He had probably heard me. It was my intention that he had heard this because I wanted him to go to my room. He was a bit like Edward in that way.

I ran up the stairs and opened the door to my bedroom. Jasper stood by the window. I turned around and closed the door behind me. I was pinned to the door and I turned my head. He had this angry look in his eyes that made me scared. I looked right in his eyes and pressed my lips against his. He was startled, but then he kissed me back. His lips moved against mine again in that weird way. When he wanted to enter his tongue, I pulled back.

'Jasper, thanks for calming down', I said. It was my intention to calm him down when I kissed him. I wasn't interested in him. I wasn't interested in anybody. I just wanted to get rid with my Edward past. Even if that meant to say goodbye to Jasper, Alice, Emmett, Carlisle, Esmé and Rosalie.

'You don't love me, do you?' he asked very calm.

'No. No, I don't.' I saw his expression. 'I'm sorry, Jasper.'

'It's not your fault. It's my fault. I have assaulted you, Bella. Sorry!'

I forgave him and he smiled at me.

'I'll leave you then.' He wanted to climb out of the window. I walked over to hem and patted him on the back.

'There's something that I don't get, Jasper.'

'And that is?'

'Why did you kiss me and all? You love Alice, right?'

He sighed and said: 'Yes, I do. I guess I just wanted to be a bit rough or something. And Bella, you are beautiful.'

I got that same feeling in my stomach again. It also disappeared and I looked up to Jasper. He smiled at me and kissed my forehead. 'Bye Bella.' He jumped out of the window and I saw a flash when he reached the ground. Jasper was gone. Edward was gone! The family was gone. Just then it hit me. I had to ask Jasper to let the family come over. I walked over to my

Suddenly, I heard a noise and I turned around.

'Alice!' I squalled. My arms flew around her and they held tight. 'How did you get here?'

'I saw that Jasper came back. I tried to see something else, but that was a black blur. I don't know how that happened.'

Few… She didn't know about Jasper and me. I pushed myself against her.

'Bella', she exclaimed. 'Please, it's hard like this.'

I backed away and looked with a frown at her. Then I understood: I had pushed my neck close to her lips. That was probably the hardest thing for vampires. That this never got out of control was really extraordinary to me. I knew it, but it was still weird.

Rosalie entered the room too followed by Emmett. He gave me a big bear hug. 'Hey Bella!'

I hugged him back and looked at Rosalie. She gave a little smile at me as if she cared for me. I couldn't believe it, but she did. I whispered a little thank you and she nodded. I knew that she still couldn't stand me, but she understood my pain. Once, she was interested in Edward but he wasn't interested in her. And then he pretended that he was interested in me. Just so he could get that girl. I knew her: she was always after guys who were already taken. So that was probably why he choose me to be his "girlfriend".

'I hope you're doing fine, Bella', said Esmé who was also in my room. She hugged me and said: 'We're so sorry.'

'Please, you guys didn't know how he was', I replied.

'We should've known', said Carlisle. He shook my hand and looked at me. 'I hope that you can forgive us.'

'Why would I forgive you? Don't get me wrong, I mean that you guys have nothing to do with it so I can't forgive you.'

'We're glad that you think like that, Bella', said Alice. 'Now, you have some bikinis in your closet?'

I frowned at her and asked: 'What do you mean?'

'Hello, sidekick!' She pointed at herself in a very Alice-way. 'I know that Angela, Jessica and you are making a trip to… Belgium!'


'Yes, Jessica has just decided', explained Alice to me.

'Oh', I replied. 'They are already planning behind my back. Well, I don't mind. Doesn't surprise me actually.'

'Well, do you?'

'Do I what?'

'Do you have bikinis, Bella?' asked Alice.

'Uhm… well, no, actually, no I don't!'

'Well, then we have to go shopping.'

Alice took Rosalie and me to the closest mall and we started shopping. Alice choose a black bikini for me, Rosalie had a grey one and Alice with dark purple as the color. We headed back home and I started packing my suitcases. Alice and the others said goodbye.

'We will try to keep contact. We're moving again, you see. And I will send mails and texts', said Alice.

Even Rosalie said something to me: 'Take care, Bella.'

Then they left through the window. I was alone again. My heart hurt! I thought of Edward again and how he used me to get another girl. Rain splattered against the window and made my mood even more badly than it already was. My eyes were again filled with tears. Everything was back: the heartache, the tears, the bad weather… I just had to get out here…

Sorry if there are some grammar or spelling mistakes... To all fellow members of Team Jacob: this whole drama thing will be done soon and something else can begin :D

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, I'm glad you love it. ;D

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I like it (: ! It's really good,and I like the length of the chapters too. ;D


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