The Twilight Saga


кαяα [ѕαη¢тυαяу]


Story: Girl Meets World

Bella's POV


Isabella Swan, a seventeen year old-girl from Forks, was never quite normal.

Firstly, because she had a skin as pale as snow. She moved from Phoenix at her mom to Forks at her dad. Normally, people who live in Phoenix, are tanned. But not Isabella…

Second: she never used her real name "Isabella". When someone asked her name, she replied "Bella".

As a third one: when she moved to Forks, she met a special person: Edward Cullen. She discovered that he was a vampire when someone from La Push told her an old legend. It was Billy Black who had told her and since then, she began to think about Edward. They started a relationship. A lamb fell in love with a lion. But do all lions pray at only one lamb?




ḋαṃøṉ'ṡ ģαl {ώɾïτεɾ4lïƒε}




NOTE: the title of the story is inspired by Selena Gomez. The chapter's names too! I give credit to who it belongs. :D

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Well, I'm glad! ;D I think I have to add sometimes into that phrase... :p I knew I forgot something.
I really loved this chapter and your trailer! I think its really cool that you have a trailer for your story.

Thanks, I'm hoping that I'll finish the fifth one soon enough! And I'm glad that you liked my trailer. I make trailers for most of my stories on

O, and sorry that I didn't reply earlier.

I like your story. Keep going.

Chapter 4: One And The Same

Jacob’s POV

I walked back to the cottage where my girlfriend was still sitting. I saw her through the window and opened the door.

‘Well? What happened?’ asked my girlfriend.

My eyes flew wide open – even more than they already were -  and I gulped.

‘There is something, isn’t it?’

‘Well, I uh…’

I couldn’t say anything. I didn’t know what to do. Should I confess my feelings for Bella? What should I do? God, I was confused.


The screaming of my name woke me up from my thoughts. I looked at her and just said: ‘I’m going to sleep.’

She gazed at me while I walked into the bedroom. I pulled my shortcut jeans off. I got in my bed – in my boxers – and kept myself buzzy with thinking of my girlfriend and Bella. Although, I wanted those thoughts to combine: Bella would be my girlfriend. If I could only explain it to my current one. My Allison! I fell asleep while thinking of the problem that I was in.

I wake up the next morning, hoping for a fresh start. But that wasn’t the case. In fact, Karen was standing right next to me.

‘Morning’, I said and swung my legs out of bed.

I was pushed back onto the bed.

‘I have one question: why aren’t you telling me about it?’

I look at her. I’m startled. Did she figure it out herself? Is she mad? Oh, god! I’m a guy! I shouldn’t be so thoughtful. But I am like that!

‘What do you mean?’

‘Was she mad last night?’

I smile at her, knowing that she doesn’t know about my secret. ‘Yes, she was’, I replied. ‘And I think I really got through her.’ Hopefully.

‘Well, I hope that she knows now that she has to be polite to me and you’, she said.

‘Yeah’, I just replied and got dressed. Well, just putting my jeans and shoes on actually. I headed to the bathroom. My girlfriend left the house and walked around for a bit. I could hear that! With that super hearing of mine of course.

I walked out of the bathroom and then out of the house. I searched for my girlfriend who was already gone to the breakfast at the Market Dome. I began to ran on the road and followed the trail of scent that she left behind. That was because of my super-smell. I hoped that no one would ever find that out. Following your girlfriend because you smelled her scent is not exactly romantic or nice. I passed a man who was running at his fastest. I noticed that he was muscular and I thought that he was a jock or something. So that meant that I had to slow down if I didn’t want people to look at me. I walked for the rest. I reached one of the entrances very quickly and opened the door. I entered the sporting hall. I saw the tennis quart and the volleyball field. A few arcade games were standing on the side near the kids club. I passed all of it. The end of the hall were (schuifdeuren) and I went through the opening that was already there. I passed the arcade and the snack bar. The heat of the tropical plants and structure were making me a bit uncomfortable. People could notice that I was warm and I was getting warmer by the warmth and the gazing people. I entered the restaurant with the use of my card and made my way to our table. I saw my girlfriend sitting there with her breakfast. I smelled eggs, bacon, fresh bread, meat, fruit and cornflakes.

‘Hey babe’, I said when I took a seat next to my girlfriend.

She gazed at me and smiled. ‘How are you doing, dear?’

I didn’t expect that. She never called me dear. Although, when she said it, it was mostly because there was something going on. And then it meant no good…

I took a plate and walked to the big counters were I found eggs, bacon and bread. I ate all of that and went back to another counter. I found my favorite cornflakes there. I ate a large cup of that. I went back again to a third counter where I took fruits: one apple, one pear, two citrons and three bananas.

‘Are you going to eat this park poor?’ asked Allison.

‘No, I don’t think so’, I smiled back.

When we finished our breakfast, we headed back to the cottage. I said to Allison that she should go alone. I had to patrol today. Allison sighed and kissed me on my cheek. Since we came here, our love has gone bad. Even more then it was back home. My love for her felt like it was gone. That little flame that told me I loved her, was burned up and I couldn’t help it. A big fire was back but not for her. It was for that one special girl that I just met: Bella Swan.

She was the love of my life! I knew that! It wasn’t Allison anymore who was making me sweaty every time I saw her, it was Bella.

I went to the side of the road and hid myself in the bushes. I pulled my pants off and bound them around my ankle with a little piece of rope. I phased into my wolf self and ran towards the meeting place. I ran as fast as I could and heard the thoughts of the others coming closer.

Hey Jake’, said Seth. He was very close to me.

‘Hey Seth’, I replied and ran faster. Seth came after me with almost the same speed.

Is something wrong?’ asked Seth.

No’, I replied.

Jacob, I know when something is wrong with you.

Seth, stay out of it!

But he was already reading my mind. He saw everything: Bella, my desire, me kissing Bella, including me wanting to break up with Allison. I wanted to say “stay out of my mind” but that isn’t easy for a werewolf. Any wolf pack member knows that they can read each other’s thoughts.

I heard Seth going away before he finished his phrase: ‘Oh my…’

I ran further and further until I met Paul, Embry and Jared. They ran through my mind too and went “o” and “ow”. Jared said to me that he wouldn’t know what to do if he was in my shoes. Embry said nothing. He knew that it would hurt me if he said I had to choose. But that was what Paul said.

Now, you have two options: you live your life with Allison, without Bella or with Bella, without Allison. Either way, you will have to tell one or another’, was the reply of Paul.

I sighed, didn’t know what to do. I ran back to the cottage, leaving the three members behind. I wondered if Sam was on patrol. It was his turn too as I recall. He was one of the three “investigators” from this part of the day. But I haven’t seen him around since we came here, a couple days ago.

I think I know what to do’, I exclaimed and ran away.

Hey, Jake! Wait!’ yelled Embry behind me. But I was already gone.

I ran faster than I ever did before. My legs didn’t hurt at all and my lungs were beginning to grow. Since I phased for the first time – I think six months ago – my body turned into a muscular Quileute. And if I may say so: an incredible hunk too.

‘STOP!’ someone yelled.

I didn’t know who it was so I kept running.

‘STOP, JACOB!’ screamed the same voice again.

I stopped abruptly. My nails dug into the dark sand of the earth. I felt some grass too and it felt comfortable. I turned around and stared at a pair of two legs. I looked more to my eye level and saw Allison. I had a feeling that this would not be a great meeting between the two of us…

I changed back into my human form and put my pants on. I saw in Allison’s eyes that something was wrong.

‘What’s up with the Bella?’ she asked.

I gazed at her, not revealing the kiss-secret, and replied: ‘What do you mean?’

Her face turned red: ‘I know that you kissed her, Jacob Black!!’

I gulped again – didn’t keep up the times that I did that – and I looked around at the trees. I couldn’t look in her eyes. I would see the hurting, the unforgettable look in her eyes… As I dared to look up, I saw burning flames in her eyes and it was not from friendship or love. It was from anger and madness.

‘I kissed another girl, yeah. And I’m so sorry!’

‘Save it for Bella!’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked.

‘We’re over, Jacob! We are done!!! I hate you, Jacob Black! And I’ll take revenge!! I’ll make you pay. You will get what you deserve.’

I looked at her and my mouth dropped open.

‘You said that I had to closely look out for that girl.’

‘Yeah, look out for her. Not look at her and kiss her!’ she yelled.

I ran up to her. She looked me right in the eyes. I took her face between my hands and pressed my lips against hers. Allison kissed me back, but I didn’t feel anything. There were no little sparks. I used to feel something. Light headed or something, but then in my stomach. Bad word choice, but there were butterflies! Call me stupid, call me whatever you want, but I had butterflies. Now was nothing left from that same feeling!

I wanted to back away, but she resisted. She pulled me closer. She pressed my lips open and forced her tongue into my mouth. I pushed her back. I didn’t notice my strength and I pushed her too hard. She fell backwards on the grass. She darted her mad eyes at me.

She got up and screamed: ‘I hate you, Jacob Black! And I’ll get you!!’ I think the entire park heard it. She stormed away from the spot where we just kissed.

I couldn’t move at first. The spark was out for Allison. But an eternal flame was burning inside of me. Probably for the beautiful and funny brunette I met yesterday!

I walked away too. I started running towards the cottage and I packed my stuff. There was no way that she would throw my stuff out. I would do it myself. I felt sorry for my previous girlfriend, but I didn’t have the same feeling anymore as before.

I opened the door with the key and packed my suitcase. I could stay in one of the cottages of the others. Well, I hope so.

I walked to the cottage a few blocks away. Suddenly, my nose found a smell. I breathed in and out, then inhaled through my nose. I smelled something mystic, delicious, lustful and sexy. I looked around and saw a brown haired girl laying on the beach with her friends.


I would have run up to her if she was alone. I wondered what they were talking about so I sneaked my way through the bushes and ended up behind a big tree and bush. They were just two meters away so I heard their conversation.

‘You’re finally getting a slight shade that looks like a tan, Bella,’ joked one of her friends. I looked up to see who it was. It was the one with the brown hair. The color was lighter than the hair of Bella.

I saw Bella’s cheeks turning into a shade of red when they asked her what went wrong last night. Didn’t she tell it to them?

‘I…’ she stammered. She bit her lower lip and looked down at the sand around her towel. ‘You have seen that muscular and handsome guy yesterday, right?’

I was fine with my body but I didn’t expect that. Since I became a werewolf, I must admit that I had gained a large amount of muscles.

‘Yes’, replied the other girl. She had black hair.

Bella looked at her: ‘Angela, you said that he looked like a good guy.’

‘Yes’, replied her friend Angela back.

Bella turned to the other one: ‘And you said that he was a cute and handsome guy?’

I was proud of myself again. Thank god for the werewolf-gene. I suddenly wanted to kiss my biceps and triceps. My fingers ran over my six-pack. I had to work out. Maybe I could get an eight-pack. I caught myself at thinking at all of these things. I received my mind again and I looked up. They were still talking about me. Apparently, Bella hadn’t say a thing since her last phrase. She bit her lip.

‘Well, he kissed me’, said Bella.

Angela and the other one gasped.




‘Bella!’ squealed Angela.

‘Yes, he kissed me. The look in his eyes, his body and even his smell: natural! And you have to know… that he kissed me better than him.’

Him? Who’s him?! Okay, Jacob, don’t let yourself go! It’s probably that guy that hurt her. Did she broke up with him? Is she engaged? Is she maybe pregnant if that is true? I moved a bit back so I reached the road again.

There was also a positive side on what she just said. She said that I was a better kisser. Hopefully I was better in everything. Oops, I did it again. My male thoughts went on again. I saw the whole image again from her in her bikini. The sun shined around her – or was it something else, don’t matter – and it lid my whole brain up. Was it just me or was my body floating?

The ground wasn’t under my feet anymore. Not literally of course! But my heart was filled with brightness, light, firework and love. I wanted to desire her, love her, be with her and – above all actually – have her.

I didn’t notice it until I landed with my two feet back on the ground. I had heard of this feeling before. But where and when?

It hit me like a ton of bricks when I knew it. I… I… NO! It couldn’t be!! Did I just…? It’s not possible? It only happens like a few times in a century.

I ran back. I ducked behind the bushes again and overheard the conversation again.

‘So are you planning to see him again?’ asked the brown-haired friend.

‘I don’t know, Jessica.’

Ah, her name is Jessica. They look like good friends for her. Especially Angela. She looked like a smarty pants with her glasses and a bit nerdy look. Jessica looked like a girl who had run away from a super model contest. She was nice, but I preferred Bella.

But I imagined Bella naked on my bed. Me above her. Thrusting into her with such an effort that she would scream my name when she… Uhm, back to Earth! Those lustful thoughts of mine. It’s sometimes so annoying! I looked down and noticed the bulge in my pants. And it’s effective too!

‘I want to see him again! I just can’t help it. He is like… a sun to me. He makes me smile after him.’

What the…!! I wanna know!! Who’s that him?! He’s driving me crazy! Can she please say who it was so I can give him a punch in the face for hurting her. But then again, that brought her probably here. So I’m slightly glad that he did that. What the heck, I’m actually happy about it. Okay, that sounded selfish. I smack myself against the head.

‘Me and my guy hormones!’

A sudden silence was surrounding the beach and the bushes. Did they heard that?

‘Did you hear something too?’ asked Jessica.

‘Yes, I think I did’, replied Bella.

‘Should we take a look behind those…’

Don’t say bushes, don’t say bushes…

‘… bushes.’


I sneaked out of my hiding spot and rolled over the hard road into the bushes on the other side. But there weren’t bushes. There was a little pool. I fell into it and water splashed all around. I quickly got up again and dove into the plants next to the little water creek.

I looked through a little opening in the plants and bushes around me. Bella, Jessica and Angela were walking over to the creek. I was lucky to hide me here.

When they had decided that there was nothing to see here, they headed back to their towels on the beach.

I got out of my hiding spot and raced to the cottage of Embry and Quil. Hopefully those two were there. And not buzzy with anything.

I didn’t know what to do now. Explaining and professing (sorry if that is wrong) my love again? Searching for Allison? That made other questions: where did she go? Is she gone?
Is Bella going to love me back? Will I break her heart? Will she be glad? Will she be happy?

God, I’m such a girl right now! I just have to chill.

But one thing is for sure: I think that imprinting is on again. Because two people are meant for each other. They are probably one and the same.


Now, I hope that you guys are glad with this chapter. I don't know why, but I have it a bit hard to write from Jacob's POV. And that's pretty weird for a guy. Anyway, looking forward for the next chapter.

I think this chapter is a bit weird to me. I have the feeling that it's not even close (if I'm thinking of quality) if I compare it to the other ones. Is it just me or did I sound like a snob in that phrase? :D

I'm curious so I have to ask you a question: did you checked out my trailer? Did you like it?

I'll be later with updates because it's school again and this year, I promised myself (and mostly my parents :D ) that I will do better then the past years. I'm writing quickly and the chapter is going great so far. If you guys want a little preview or something, reply/ask. :D



Ouu, I liked that chapter!

i love Jacob's point of view :3 I find it more entertaining... Ahah,

But I love your story!

Thanks :D In this story, I don't think that I'll do Jacob again. Maybe in the sequel... :D Yes, I've already searched things out for sequels and spin-offs ;D Just hoping that this story will get some attention, a lot would be great, but I'm already feeling fantastic with the readers now...

No problem!

& Ohhh ,okay! Loll! I can't wait for the sequel now ...(; and the future chapters :3 !


I think that this chapter is very good!! I liked the part where he's like 'not the bushes, not the bushes' thing because i thought it was really funny!

.i just watched ur trailer and its great!... and i like ur story also. please update soon.

Hey guys! It took me very long to update this story and I hope you'll like the result. There are lemons in the chapter so I can't publish it here. I want to ask you if you can read it further on Here's the link:


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