The Twilight Saga


кαяα [ѕαη¢тυαяу]


Story: Girl Meets World

Bella's POV


Isabella Swan, a seventeen year old-girl from Forks, was never quite normal.

Firstly, because she had a skin as pale as snow. She moved from Phoenix at her mom to Forks at her dad. Normally, people who live in Phoenix, are tanned. But not Isabella…

Second: she never used her real name "Isabella". When someone asked her name, she replied "Bella".

As a third one: when she moved to Forks, she met a special person: Edward Cullen. She discovered that he was a vampire when someone from La Push told her an old legend. It was Billy Black who had told her and since then, she began to think about Edward. They started a relationship. A lamb fell in love with a lion. But do all lions pray at only one lamb?




ḋαṃøṉ'ṡ ģαl {ώɾïτεɾ4lïƒε}




NOTE: the title of the story is inspired by Selena Gomez. The chapter's names too! I give credit to who it belongs. :D

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{Just finished reading it}

~Worth the wait...(:

Thanks :D


Can't wait for the next chapter :3!

I'm currently working on it and it's going to be magical.

If you want a little tip, I can give you one... :p

Oh yay! - will it be posted here? or on again?


& oh,thanks,I appreciate that!(:

Well, I can tell you that Bella isn't going to be the human anymore... :D

Now that's a shocker! :)


I think I'll upload it again on If you want it here, then all you have to do is say... uh... write... uh...WHATEV! ;)

That is a shocker :o !


& ahah,it's okay if you post it on (:

I prefer to read most stories there,there's not many limitations on that site... LOL.(;

when is new chapter comming??

I'm working on it. I hope I'll put the next chapter up in no time. :D


Thanks for your interest btw...

The newest and latest chapter is up :D I hope you'll like it :D


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