The Twilight Saga

Hi Taylor Lautner

THE REAL Taylor Lautner who play Jacob Black as a werewolf?

I have been chating with Robert Pattinson(The REAL Robert Pattinson) your friend.

Like Bella Swan(me as her in REAL life), it's hard VERY hard to pick(choose between you and Robert Pattinson in REAL LIFE and you and Robert as Edward and Jacob cause both of you honestly to me are SO good looking and HOT. It's honestly really hard to choose between you two(both of you). I CAN'T pick between TEAM EDWARD AND TEAM JACOB(just one team).

I like you both. I DON'T leave anyone out.

I too have been reading the Twilight Saga series too. Maybe NOT as long as you have read this series. I am a ALL-STAR Cheerleader(Dynasty Elite Team) in Real Life SO I CAN backbends, flips, jumps, the high v, low v, T, broken T, touchdown, and candle sticks.

My real name is: Nicki Hazelett. But I call myself Bella Swan or just Bella.

Honestly not to hurt your feelings I am Edward's Bella. Personally, I would pick(choose) Edward Cullen. Sorry Taylor(Jacob). I hope you understand that.

To join the Team Jacob group(this group): you just put in your email address and your password.

That's all you have to do to join this group on this site (The Twilight Saga). That easy!



My real name

(Bella Swan)

Edward's Bella

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how did u chat with the real rob?
Yeah, How did you chat with the real Robert??

i dont understand...
Ok, brief us all about your tryst with the real ROB.
I'm totally confused.......
I am so freaking confused!? Who is she? Claiming to be Kristen Stewart? If any of them was going to chat they would pick this site bc it Stephanie's but I promise you all they would probably do it without us ever knowing bc they want to read what we all have to say or they would just come on for one special day and they would never ask for you email address or passwords! This person has lying, thieving and mental issues. or maybe she was intoxicated when she wrote it and had no idea what she was saying. I am with Becka (which it seems here lately whenever I post I really am with her bc she has always been the last person to post on every topic I go to,lol)


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