The Twilight Saga

is it just me????
i got it when Seth became a wolf...didnt really get it when Leah also did..but i was like ok, whatever

but last night i was watching New Moon again and it clicked-


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i kno !!!!!!!!!! i mean if rachel turned in to a werewolf Paul would not imprint on her !!!!!!!!!
and thats why Lea thinks there is something wrong with her bcuz shes the only female wolf
yes but she is the a clearwater, jacobs' sisters have the same blood as he has!...i just dont get it
I didn'[t even know lol
oh yeah.....
jacob's sisters don't turn into wolves...
maybe leah turns into wolf maybe cuz she's just special, or
has something wrong with her....
that would've been a good question
for ms. meyer......
the wolf gene is only supposed to run in the male bloodline and thats why jacobs sisters arent wolves too that and the fact that Stephanie Meyer didnt make them wolves. Or so i belive. that is just my opinion not the actual fact
thats why leah says there's something wrong with her. only guys are supposed to phase but then she phased!
OMg ur right i wounder y


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