The Twilight Saga

I LOVED IT!!! I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN SO BADLY!!!!!!! IM OBSESSED WITH NEW MOON NOW!!! I swear that when it comes out on dvd, that im gonna be one of those people that camp outside of the store, and wait until it opens!!!!! And when i buy it, i will buy it with my own money so that my annoying little siblings cant touch it :)

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Yeah, that's illegal.
LOVED IT. Saw it at midnight at the Mall of America and just saw it again yesterday, planning on going again tomorrow or Wednesday. Taylor's a BABE!
It was the best movie ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ahhhhh!! i want to see again. *sniffle*
Ok. Really, I didn't :( I'm not a big fan and this movie disappointed me. As for me, there were toooooooooo long dialogs mostly and some scenes were stupid (like when Ed and Bella are running in the forest in Alice's vision omg).

Jacob\Taylor was amazing, it's true :)) Every moment he appeared on the screen it was like "ohhh....."
The first part was full of Bella. (I agree with Vika) Stewart freaking gnarls and murmurs MONOTONELY..she's better in Twilight, probably bec the director now is male, the action is sooooooo good, but the convos of Bella suck. UGH...but the La Push scenes and the Volturi scenes ROCK BIG BIG GIGANTIC TIME...i MEAN Weltz should have lengthen the run time on those scenes...the wolf pack has quite lil exposure. Hope in Eclipse they get center stage.
I think she was better in New Moon. Kristen will most likely get best actress for her preformence.
Im IN LOVE with this movie!!!! It was AHMAZING!!!!! Seen it 5 times already.....loved it every time;) Jacob took his shirt off FIVE times! Edward THREE!!!!! Great, great, great! WHOA!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!
is absolutely without any comparision the best movie ve ever seen!!!!!!!luv taylor!!!hes sooooo hot!!!
Undeniablly hot!!!


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