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Well...i really didn't like how the story ended...this is my alternate ending---->at the very end of BD instead of declaring peace the Volturi should have attacked the Cullens and the others....Edward and Rosalie dies(yep,i am not a very big fan of them). Jake and Bella get back together again.Jake shouldn't have imprinted on Nessie instead Seth should have(that would be really cute).and now that Rose is out of the way Emmett and Leah fall in love(ever wondered what it would be like for a vampire and a wolf to be together?) And they all lived happily ever after........ <3

hmmm......just my opinion..what do you guys think?


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I like the way it ended.

Love this version!!!! I guess we think alike! :D Jake and Bella are by far better! I don't like Edward either. Although, Rose is a good character to me and I kinda love her. With everything she has been through, I think that she deserves happiness. Although, I let her die in my story on too. Leah and Emmett together... That's really interesting! The two of them would make a great couple. I wonder if she imprints on him then. That the imprinting was blocked by Rosalie. I think Renesmee aka Nessie is better with Seth too!!! They would be so cute together.

Anyway, if you can write that story, I would be so glad and happy!!! :)


BTW: you wrote "ever wondered what it would be like for a vampire and a wolf to be together?"... But Bella is a vampire at the very end of BD. Or isn't she in your version?

when i said "ever wondered what it would be like for a vampire and a wolf to be together?", i meant in the real version there are no vamp/wolf couples. :)

id like to know the title to your story in if you dont mind.i love reading fan fic.

i only absulutly adored the part about nessie and seth o yeah and volturi attacking them thats good they woulda won anyway
Renessmee not nessie
Don't want to be rude, but it's Renesmee and not Renessmee...
i think you should have got the name right its renessmee ok and if a were wolf and a vampire got together nothin would happen cause leah cant get pregnant remember
i agree that jake nd bella shud b together but him being wit nessie is so cute, nd i definitely think there shud havbenn a war


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