The Twilight Saga


Who do you turn to when the
one thing you live for leaves you?

would you rather be:
1. Half Vampire like EDWARD..?
2. Half Werewolf like Jacob..?

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I think i would rather be half Werewolf like Jacob it sounds a whole lot better than being a Vampire. plus you don't have to drink blood to live, you get all the senses of a vampire and you get to turn into a wolf. whats better than that?
1.Half Vampire like EDWARD
I would want to be half wolf. The blood lust would be too much for me to deal with if I were a vamp. I like the sunshine too much to give it up and I think wolves are one of the most beautiful animals on the planet. To change into one would be better then anything you could do as a vamp. You also would still be able to have children if and when you wanted to.
Edward a half vampire? He's full vampire, is he not? How can he be half? Renesmee is a half vampire.
And Jacob, being a werewolf/shapeshifter, he is already half human. I don't think you can get any more werewolf/shapeshifter than what the Quileutes are, so I think they are full werewolf/shapeshifter (even if that includes being half human).
You're right!!!!!
im glad they had a baby..
half werewolf!
half Werewolf like Jacob, I'd rather have the ability to turn into a wolf than live on blood :P
i would be half werewolf like jake.
like jacob
thats a hard question!! umm.. probaly jacob hes nice a warm and i would feel comfort for him


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