The Twilight Saga

Jacob and Bella are dancing at her wedding, and she has one favour to ask him. Will he oblige?





Preface ;



Her palm rested on my biceps,her head layed upon my chest. I keep my arms secure around her waist,and we stepped side to side. Wasn't much dancing going on,seeing how we both hate it, and don't really know how. I think two songs had already past, but I was hoping she wouldn't notice. Her deadline is soon, and I don't want to waist another second.


Bella's my bestfriend,and she always will be; even if she is throwing her life out the window. I wish life would give me another chance,another chance to take her away,another chance to show her one last time, that I'm the one she needs. I'm the one she truley wants. She's just blinded by beauty. I don't mean by Cullen is attractive or anything, but it's clear to see the vampires are almost flawless, to almost any human being.


Besides Charlie. Charlie hates Edward. Which is good to know I'm not the only one who hates him. Because, ever since that new born battle, everyone thinks that there's some sort of truce with the Cullens and the pack. I have a hard time agreeing to that. They're also blinded,they don't understand or even notice that they're going to be taking away the life of a human being. Which they swore many years ago,that they wouldn't.


Bella's fingers dug into my skin,as if she were trying to hold me there,her face burried in my chest,and she snifled. I glance down at her small frame,that was encirled by a huge white gown. Her hair was slightly disaray,probably just stress,or excitement, who knows. I hardly understand her anymore.

   "Jake..." She whispered,and she sniffled again.

I stop us,to tilt her chin up towards me,to notice that she was crying. My lips pressed into a tight line.


She took in a deep breath,trying to look away,biting down on her lip. I let go of her chin,and she burried her face back into my chest.

   "I can't do this." I hear her mumble.

   I cock a brow,"Do,what?"

   "I ned to ask you something. I need a huge favour." She took a step back,so she could look at me. Her jaw was tight,she was completely serious right now.

   "Whatever you need." I breathed out,my heart started hammering in my chest.

   She took my large hand into her small ones,"Get me out of here,now."

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when it says : hose she sounded...

LOL,it's stupposed to be How she sounded *

sorry for any other spelling errors !

Nice! It's great so far! Have I told you I really like your writing? If not then I really like your writing! LOL I'll watch for the next chapter

Oh.thank you ! (:

so so so sooooo good! i read your other story and this one is just as good! cant wait for more!

Thanks so much ! :)

I think I might add a portion of a chapter tonight (:

Chapter 3.


 After we ate, Bella decided to take a nap. Can't blame her,seeing how we had a rough night last night. I'm still trying to comprehend everything myself. This is really happening. Bella asked me to take her away,during the wedding,and I did. And we're here together, in a cheap Motel, with one bed. I'll probably take the couch, Bella deserves the bed. Even if she begs me... Okay,when Bella begs I kind of do what she wants. I'm that kind of guy, a gentlemen. Sometimes.

I sat down on the sofa,turning the TV onto a music station,turning it down so it wouldn't wake Bella up. It was about lunch time now, a few hours since she's slept. Which is a good sign. But, also bad ; she might be up all night then. I should wake her up soon, but not yet. Just,soon.
The quiet allowed me to think. Thoughts of my brothers came to mind. I had left them too, and my dad. I left everyone. And now, I don't know what to do. We can't just go back. I'm with Bella,forever. She can't go back, not until she's emotionally ready. That might be awhile. Unless Cullen tries to hunt us down,but I won't let him find us. I won't let him near us. Her. She's finally chosen. She's giving me the chance to prove to her this time, that I'm the one she needs. Truly.
I jumped to my feet, running a hand through my shaggy hair. It must've been about three or four months since i last cut it. It hung down my forehead, and just a little below my ears. I walked into the bathroom to get another look of myself. Yeah, I look like a hobo for sure. A person that definately looks like they're relying on a cheap Motel. I only have around a thousand dollars in savings towards my college fund. But, I can get a job and start over.
I can't tell Bella though, she'd kill me. Murder me. The Evil Kitten will rise within her. Nobody wants to deal with that, she has some pretty sharp claws,and can be pretty fiesty when she wants to be. But, I think that might be a reason why I love her. She's so cute when she's mad. But, freaking adorable when she's sleeping. I sound like a little girl talking about a puppy. But, this puppy right here, loves this little kitten. Ironic how cats and dogs can get along.
I ruffle my hair again, and shrug. I walk back out of the bathroom,and check the time again. I should wake her now. I creep over to the bed,and gently touch her shoulder. She didn't move. I nudged her shoulder again, no movement. I climb onto the bed, hovering over her, as she tossed a little, until it seemed as if I were stradling her waist. I lean down towards her face, my tongue poking out- and I licked her face from her jaw up to her hair line.
   "Jake!" She cried,jumping up-and pushing me off of her,to wipe her face."That's gross!" She croaked.
   I smirk,"That's okay. I hear a dogs mouth is ten times cleaner than a human mouth. If that makes you feel any better."
   "Are you saying I'm dirty?" She asks,cocking a brow. Her eyes still half lidded,full with sleep. She rubbed her eyes.
   I shake my head,"Nahh, I think you're pretty clean. For now."
   "What's that supposed to mean?!" She demanded."I think you licking my face was completely un-nesissary." She mumbles,her cheeks turning a faint shade of pink.
   "Aww, you're blushing!" I lean over,and pinch her cheek playfully.
   She groans,hiding her face in her hands,her hair falling over her face.
   I chuckle,"Oh Bella, it's okay."
   She just grunted.
I got off the bed,and went to the other side that she was on,and lifted her into my arms,and she squealed. High-pitch squeal,that rang through my ears. I cringed, and let her down,back onto the bed,falling onto her. I heard her let out a big breath,as I knocked the air out of her.
   "Jake! I am a human being!" She choked out.
   I snorted,"Human? I think someone's going to have to think up a new word for the,er, short, highly un-cordinated, and freakishly pale. That's not human. And it's definately not supernatural." I tell her. "Oh, and a danger magnet. I swear danger has a tracker on your ass or something."
   She huffs,staring up at me."Not funny,Jacob."
   I jut my lips out,in a sarcastic pout."I think you're pretty funny."
   "Thanks." She muttered,glaring at me.
   "Definately pretty,though. More pretty than funny. I think that's what makes up for me having to save your life all the time." I snicker,as she flushed.
   She pushed at my chest,"You don't know what you're talking about."
   I roll my eyes,sitting up,and pulling her into my lap."I do. I know what I'm talking about. Okay,maybe not. You're not pretty,you're beautiful. No, gorgeous. Sexy. You're, gorgeously sexy. Does that make sense?"
   "Gorgeously sexy?" Her nose scrunches up,"Doesn't sound like me."
   "Bella Swan is..." I trailed off,looking down. She's not Bella Swan. She's still Bella Cullen. She caught on quickly too,looking away. "You're gorgeous,Bells." That she was. She's gorgeous,and she's my Bells.
   Her head dips down,as she places her lips softly to my neck."Thank you." She whispered.
   I nod,shrugging."You're very welcome."
We sat like that for a little while. Wasn't paying attention to how long exactly. Her face burried in my chest,her legs around my waist. Soon, this position started making me feel slightly uncomfortable, in more ways than one. I burried my face into her neck,kissing her softly. She let out a small sigh. I wasn't sure if this was too much, or if it were too fast. But right now,to me,it felt kinda right. But I don't know if that's really me thinking or not.
Her small fingers threaded into my hair,as she lifted my face to hers,she stared into my eyes. She bit down on her lip, and I knew, that, yes, she wasn't ready. Don't blame her. It hasn't even been 24 hours until I had bride-napped her. Or wife-napped. Same thing. She presses her lips to my cheek, probably an apology. I secure my arms around her petite waist,pulling her closer to me. I pressed my lips to her jaw, and up her cheek. Her fingers raked down my back, sitting up slightly- her stomach pressing against my chest,as she leans over me. I don't know why I'm pushing her. Maybe, because I know she wants it. Probably more physically than emotionally right now.
I pressed my lips firmly to hers, and she gradually parted hers, and I was a little shook. But I carried on,my tongue sliding between her lips,running along hers,holding onto her tightly. My hands gripped her waist, as my hips thrusted up towards hers, instictively. And that's when she pulled away, her breath slightly ragged, and I let go of her- letting her fall down amoungst the pillows.
   "I'm sorry..." She mumbled,running her hnad through her hair,her legs still around my waist.
   I run my hands along her thighs,"S'okay. Wasn't your fault. It was me. I'm sorry. Shouldn't've pushed you too far." I told her honestly,"I'm glad you stopped me."
   She places her hands on mine,keeping them firmly on her thighs."I want this,so badly Jake,with you. But, not yet. I can't do this yet."
   I raise my brows slightly,"I wasn't going for sex Bella..."
   She blushed furiously at the word,and I let out a chuckle."You weren't?"
   I shake my head,"Not that I don't want to,with you.'Cause I do. But, I know that much that you aren't ready for that." I shrug,"But, I admitt I did get a little ahead of myself."
   She smiles softly,"Only a little. I didn't mind it."
   I smile,and pull her back up into my arms,catching her lips with mine for a brief moment,"You hungry yet?"
   She shook her head,"Only for you."
   I chuckle,"You can have me whenever you want."
   She giggles,"I will take you upon that one day."
   "I will be waiting for that day." I wink, and kiss her cheek.
I lift her up off the bed with me,setting her down onto the couch. I was actually serious about food. I'm starved.
   "You seriously not hungry,food wise?" I ask her.
   "Get yourself some food Jacob." She shook her head,smiling.
   "I'll just order it. You wanna go for a walk after?" I wonder. "We've been inside all day."
   She nods,"Sounds good to me."
   I smile,"Alrighty then."
I orderd something simple,like grilled cheese sandwiches and salad. I ate about eight sandwiches and three salads. Bella ate two sandwiches and half a salad. She wasn't eating much, I noticed. I sigh, and she looked up at me-raising her eye brows.
   "You okay?" She asked slowly.
   "Are you okay?"
   She nods,"Yeah,just not a big appetite,is all."
   I sigh,nodding,"Okay."
   She smiles softly,"Don't worry Jake. I'll probably eat more tonight."
   "Okay..." I half smile.
Later we got up,taking the key with us,as we locked the door as we exited our room. We got onto the elevator,going down into the Lobby, then out of the small Motel. I was going to take her out on a small little journey. We may get lost,but hey, who cares.

Love it!!

Love it cant wait til u update :)

new reader love it upsate soon plzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

Thanks you so much !

I'll be adding on tonight (:

Yay! Can't wait, you really good and amazing with words :DD


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