The Twilight Saga

Jacob and Bella are dancing at her wedding, and she has one favour to ask him. Will he oblige?





Preface ;



Her palm rested on my biceps,her head layed upon my chest. I keep my arms secure around her waist,and we stepped side to side. Wasn't much dancing going on,seeing how we both hate it, and don't really know how. I think two songs had already past, but I was hoping she wouldn't notice. Her deadline is soon, and I don't want to waist another second.


Bella's my bestfriend,and she always will be; even if she is throwing her life out the window. I wish life would give me another chance,another chance to take her away,another chance to show her one last time, that I'm the one she needs. I'm the one she truley wants. She's just blinded by beauty. I don't mean by Cullen is attractive or anything, but it's clear to see the vampires are almost flawless, to almost any human being.


Besides Charlie. Charlie hates Edward. Which is good to know I'm not the only one who hates him. Because, ever since that new born battle, everyone thinks that there's some sort of truce with the Cullens and the pack. I have a hard time agreeing to that. They're also blinded,they don't understand or even notice that they're going to be taking away the life of a human being. Which they swore many years ago,that they wouldn't.


Bella's fingers dug into my skin,as if she were trying to hold me there,her face burried in my chest,and she snifled. I glance down at her small frame,that was encirled by a huge white gown. Her hair was slightly disaray,probably just stress,or excitement, who knows. I hardly understand her anymore.

   "Jake..." She whispered,and she sniffled again.

I stop us,to tilt her chin up towards me,to notice that she was crying. My lips pressed into a tight line.


She took in a deep breath,trying to look away,biting down on her lip. I let go of her chin,and she burried her face back into my chest.

   "I can't do this." I hear her mumble.

   I cock a brow,"Do,what?"

   "I ned to ask you something. I need a huge favour." She took a step back,so she could look at me. Her jaw was tight,she was completely serious right now.

   "Whatever you need." I breathed out,my heart started hammering in my chest.

   She took my large hand into her small ones,"Get me out of here,now."

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Chapter 4.
It was sunny out, very sunny, and a little warm. Bella had now pulled her shirt up, tieing it in the back, exposing half her stomach. She tried rolling the bottom og the sweats,but they just kept falling back into place. She sighed, clutching my hand as we walked through the forest located behing the cheap Motel. I don't know how big it is, but it seems bigger than the one in Forks.
   "Jake this is impossible!" She whined, as she almost fell on her face by tripping over a twig. I put my arm around her waist.
   "No it's not. Everything is possible."
   "So it seems. You know, vampires,werewolves... Next thing you know, we'll find fairies." She muttered.
   I laugh,"Maybe."
   She snorts,"Can we go back soon?"
   She groans.
I laugh,as we make our way through a bush of vines, that kept snagging at Bells' shirt- trying to bring her back. She was far from irritated now. IT only made me laugh more. The white T-shirt I gave her was now covered in splotches of mud, as was her exposed skin. The sweat pants clung to her legs as the moist mud had seeped through, and her hair was starting to friz. She was not happy about this at all.
As for me, my shirt was still semi-appropriate, as were my pants. Seeing how even with my arm wrapped securly around Bella's waist she can still trip and fall, I don't know what she'll think about when we have to turn around. And find our way back. Oh boy, she will put up a fit!
She was literally huffing her frustration out by now.
   "Jacob Black take me back now!" She grumbled.
   I snort,"Whhy? It's only been like,what, three hours?"
  "We're lost!" She cried out.
   I shrugged,"We'll find our way back."
   "Never again." She muttered under her breath."Never trust werewolves..." She mocked in a high pitched tone,probably immitating Edward,"Shoulda listened."
   I laugh out loud,and she jumped from the sound."Don't be such a downer Bells! One day you'll look back and laugh at this too." I smile, poking her.
   She snorts,"You mean look back and wonder why I didn't rip your tongue out?"
   "Ouch. That hurt." I jut my lips out in a pout.
   She rolls her eyes,and mutters something under her breath that I didn't catch.
I chuckle,and keep tugging her along my side. It was getting darker now. We've been out for maybe four hours now,venturing the woods. Or in Bella's case , tearing it up. She was wearing half of the forest. It just made me laugh again. She huffed,and removed my arm from around her waist,strutting ahead of me. And then she was gone. My brows shot up as I jogged over to where she was.
Face first in the dirt. I lift her back up and turn her around so I could look at her. She spit dirt in my face. I wiped it off with the back of my hand, and then took my shirt off to wipe her face. She was glaring at me the whole time.
   "Aw Bells! Cheer up!" I wrap my arms around her tightly.
   "Let's go now,please." She muttered.
   "Fine..." I chuckle.
She wraps her arms around me, and I lift her up. I'll just carry her back. It won't take as long if I'm the only one doing the walking. The whole time I weaved through the forest she had her eyes closed. I was starting to think that she had fallen asleep. But then she started fiddling with her fingers. It took less time to get back than it did getting in. Mostly because I was the only one walking.

Once we got out of the forest,Bella hopped out of my arms and fell to the ground,as if she were praising it. I snorted,and walked passed her into the Motel,and heard her following quickly behind me.
   "I never thought I'd be so happy to see this place..." She mused. And that's when I had to laugh.
She looked worse in the light. She was literally covered in a sheen of dirt from head to toe. Oh my,oh my, oh my. I shake my head,and I pick her back up into my arms,to make it less noticeable,and carried her up the stairs,instead of taking the elevator. Once we got to the door,I swiped the card,and put her back on her feet. She headed straight to the washroom.
She screamed. Well,more like a girlish squeal of some sorts. Should've seen that coming.
   "Jacob!" She cried.
   I breathed deepily,before entering the bathroom. There stood Bella,fists at her sides, glaring into the mirror.
   "Yes Bells?" I ask,cocking my brow,smiling.
   "Look at me! I'm a mess!" She whined,on and on.
   I walk up behind her,wrapping my arms around her waist."A hot mess."
   She rolls her eyes,and turns around shoving against my chest,"Alright,let me shower..." She mutters,pushing me all the way out of the bathroom.
I place my hands over hers."Be quick..."
   Her expression softened immediately,"I'll try." She whispered softly.
I let go of her hands,and walk into the bedroom,plopping down onto the bed,letting my thoughts consume me. Bella is still legally married...

Omg that was really good cant wait til u update again (:

Omg that was so good you should really become a book writer when you get older you can really have a future in it !!!!!!

Awwh,thanks ! :D

Aaawww, that was cute! Can't wait to see what happens!

so did you just give up on this story?

I just haven't had time to update :/

But,I'm gonna try and catch up, but most likely not til next week.

Take the time you need... We have had those slow days/weeks/months/years and didn't have the time so it's ok! We all are still watching!

Chapter 5.


The next morning I awoke to the sun bursting through the wide open window. I dragged my hands down my face,and groaned. I wasn't ready to get up yet, last night was better than sleeping in the car, but it was still very uncomfortable with Bella rolling around and snoring,and talking in her sleep. It was pretty terrible. I huffed out a loud sigh,and tried to sit up, but the body on top of mine protested, with a disturbed groan.


"Time to get up." I grumbled,and lifted her off of me,and she covered her eyes from the sun.

"Oww, who left the curtains open?" She muttered,moving her hands to quickly brush through her hair,and squinting her eyes at the light.

"You." I chuckled,getting up and stretching out my arms,and back."God Bella,I knew you were a talker,but a snorer,and a mover too?" I shook my head,walking over to the small kitchen to get a gingerale from the fridge.

"Really? Aw man,I'm sorry Jake! You should've made me sleep on the couch. Aw,next time I'll sleep on the couch." She rushed her words,and kept cursing and apologizing.

"Don't worry about it Bells," I took a sip of the gingerale,"It's not a big problem." There was no need for her to sleep on the couch. No need at all.

She shakes her head,"Yes it is,I'll sleep on the couch."

"But-" I started.

She held up her finger,"No but's, Mr.Black, do not try to talk me out of this." She got out of bed,walking into the bathroom.


I frowned. I admitt,sleeping with her last night was Hell, but I wouldn't want her sleeping alone,and just having her beside me,makes me,myself feel safe. It makes everything seem okay,even though I know it isn't. But just for that night,the time being,it felt as if that's how it was supposed to be. Just Bells and I.


I finished the rest of the gingerale, and then did a quick change in a new fresh pair of jeans,and a t-shirt. Bella walked out of the bathroom a pair of jeans and my button up. Her hair was still slighty a mess,but she still looks beautiful to me. Far too beautiful.


We ordered pizza and just sat on the bed and talked half the day. It was rainy, and we didn't feel like going out would be such a great idea.


"When I went downstairs, I saw a poster." Bella started.

I raise a brow,"Oh really? And what did the poster say?" I asked.

She shrugged,"There's a dance going on. Strictly the teenagers. Ages fifteen to nineteen." She smiled a little,taking a sip  of her coke.

"Oh yeah?" I asked while shoving another slice of pizza into my mouth.

She nods,"Yep!" Then looks away,shrugging.

"Do you want to go this dance?" I wondered.


Kind of bizzarre,seeing how Bells usually hates dancing.


"It would be nice. And there's no dress code. I saw some girls just going in shorts and jeans. So,we don't need to change or anything." She seemed excited as she rambled on and on.

I laugh,"Okay,okay. When does it start?"

She looked down at her wrist,then up at the clock on the wall,"Five minutes ago."

"Well,then let's go!" I hopped off the bed,and she jumped off after me.

"Wait! I want to fix my hair..." She giggled,and then disapeared into the bathroom,closing the door behind her.


I smile,and put away the rest of the pizza into the mini fridge,and ran my fingers through my hair,adjusted my pants and my shirt,then squared my shoulders. This will be fun. I walk over to the front door,and wait or Bella.


Only ten minutes later,she came out of the bathroom,with her hair fully tamed,framing her face in waves. She had also applied lip gloss,and that's about it. But, she still looked stunning. She had also put on her heels,which gave her more height. Still not as tall as me though.


I extended my hand towards her,"You ready now?"

She smiles taking my hand,"Of course."


We got down to the lobby,and entered what seemed to be a ball room,but slighty smaller. And surprisingly,there was a lot of people here. I didn't even notice how many people were at the Hotel before. The music was loud, and as were the people talking and screaming,but all of them enjoying themselves while swaying to the beat. Looked like a typical Highschool dance to me.


I put my arm around Bella's waist,and dragged her onto the dance floor,twirling her around immidiately,then bringing her close to me. Her face inches from mine, and both hands holding onto her waist. She smiled,and wrapped her arms around my neck, as we wayed back and forth.


They played a few slow songs,and upbeat songs. A lot of the teens in here were my age,about sixteen and seventeen, and... Drunk. Bella and I decided to stay away from the drinks. But,I could tell she was on some adrenaline high and kept looking towards the punch bowl,but knowing it had alcohol. Maybe one drink couldn't hurt...


Seven drinks later, Bella and I were literally grinding on eachother.  My hands still clutching her waist, as we moved together.



"Yeah,Bells?" I asked,a little breathless.

"Can we go back to the room,please?" She whispered in my ear. She looked tired. Her movements becoming lazier.

"Yuus,of course,honey." I swooped her into my arms,and started running towards the elevator. Bella, still being human,the effects of the alcohol was a lot stronger,compared to me.


Once we got into the room,I layed her down on the bed,and she let out a long sigh.


"That was pretty fun,Jake."

I laugh slightly,"Ahah,yeah it was."


I sat at the end of the bed,taking off my shoes,and my shirt. I was sweating. I grabbed a towel from one of the chairs,and wiped myself down.



"Yes,Bella?" I asked,turning around.

"Kiss me? Please. Right now. I want you."

OMG! Unbelievable! I love it! More!

Great job! I'm suprised she would make a move already but it makes sense since she's drunk lol. Hope you continue soon!

im so glad ur adding more! :)


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