The Twilight Saga

Jacob and Bella are dancing at her wedding, and she has one favour to ask him. Will he oblige?





Preface ;



Her palm rested on my biceps,her head layed upon my chest. I keep my arms secure around her waist,and we stepped side to side. Wasn't much dancing going on,seeing how we both hate it, and don't really know how. I think two songs had already past, but I was hoping she wouldn't notice. Her deadline is soon, and I don't want to waist another second.


Bella's my bestfriend,and she always will be; even if she is throwing her life out the window. I wish life would give me another chance,another chance to take her away,another chance to show her one last time, that I'm the one she needs. I'm the one she truley wants. She's just blinded by beauty. I don't mean by Cullen is attractive or anything, but it's clear to see the vampires are almost flawless, to almost any human being.


Besides Charlie. Charlie hates Edward. Which is good to know I'm not the only one who hates him. Because, ever since that new born battle, everyone thinks that there's some sort of truce with the Cullens and the pack. I have a hard time agreeing to that. They're also blinded,they don't understand or even notice that they're going to be taking away the life of a human being. Which they swore many years ago,that they wouldn't.


Bella's fingers dug into my skin,as if she were trying to hold me there,her face burried in my chest,and she snifled. I glance down at her small frame,that was encirled by a huge white gown. Her hair was slightly disaray,probably just stress,or excitement, who knows. I hardly understand her anymore.

   "Jake..." She whispered,and she sniffled again.

I stop us,to tilt her chin up towards me,to notice that she was crying. My lips pressed into a tight line.


She took in a deep breath,trying to look away,biting down on her lip. I let go of her chin,and she burried her face back into my chest.

   "I can't do this." I hear her mumble.

   I cock a brow,"Do,what?"

   "I ned to ask you something. I need a huge favour." She took a step back,so she could look at me. Her jaw was tight,she was completely serious right now.

   "Whatever you need." I breathed out,my heart started hammering in my chest.

   She took my large hand into her small ones,"Get me out of here,now."

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