The Twilight Saga

Jacob and Bella are dancing at her wedding, and she has one favour to ask him. Will he oblige?





Preface ;



Her palm rested on my biceps,her head layed upon my chest. I keep my arms secure around her waist,and we stepped side to side. Wasn't much dancing going on,seeing how we both hate it, and don't really know how. I think two songs had already past, but I was hoping she wouldn't notice. Her deadline is soon, and I don't want to waist another second.


Bella's my bestfriend,and she always will be; even if she is throwing her life out the window. I wish life would give me another chance,another chance to take her away,another chance to show her one last time, that I'm the one she needs. I'm the one she truley wants. She's just blinded by beauty. I don't mean by Cullen is attractive or anything, but it's clear to see the vampires are almost flawless, to almost any human being.


Besides Charlie. Charlie hates Edward. Which is good to know I'm not the only one who hates him. Because, ever since that new born battle, everyone thinks that there's some sort of truce with the Cullens and the pack. I have a hard time agreeing to that. They're also blinded,they don't understand or even notice that they're going to be taking away the life of a human being. Which they swore many years ago,that they wouldn't.


Bella's fingers dug into my skin,as if she were trying to hold me there,her face burried in my chest,and she snifled. I glance down at her small frame,that was encirled by a huge white gown. Her hair was slightly disaray,probably just stress,or excitement, who knows. I hardly understand her anymore.

   "Jake..." She whispered,and she sniffled again.

I stop us,to tilt her chin up towards me,to notice that she was crying. My lips pressed into a tight line.


She took in a deep breath,trying to look away,biting down on her lip. I let go of her chin,and she burried her face back into my chest.

   "I can't do this." I hear her mumble.

   I cock a brow,"Do,what?"

   "I ned to ask you something. I need a huge favour." She took a step back,so she could look at me. Her jaw was tight,she was completely serious right now.

   "Whatever you need." I breathed out,my heart started hammering in my chest.

   She took my large hand into her small ones,"Get me out of here,now."

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Oh, this is good! It reminds me of a story I read on but the other one had two favors and I still don't know what the other one is yet LOL... but this is great and I hope you continue on! *First comment!*

Ahah,very nice ! (: I don't think I've heard of that site :$

&& Thank you,very much (:

omg this sounds soo good !!!!!!!!!!!

plz continue!!!!!

this is gonna be a really great story!!!

I love your stories, and I'm sure this is gonna be great, so keep going :)

ok, that's how it should have happened... love it :)

Thank you very much !

I'll be updating tomorrow(:

Chapter 1.


My hands started to clam up,my mouth suddeny dry,and sweat started to drip down the back of my neck. I tried to keep my thoughts under control,so the bloodsucker didn't hear. I'ms sure he gave us enough privacy,and keyed out of our conversation-I hope. But,if he knew already , he'd be out  here. I tried humming a song.


   "Jacob? Please,I know this is a lot to ask. But,I know this isn't what I want anymore. You know me better than I know myself,you know this isn't what I want. Please,I'm begging you. Get me out of here." She whispered,her lips at my ear,her hands pressed against my chest.


My lips parted slightly,and my eye brows furrowed. No. This isn't right. But, would it be right to let her live with someone,correction ; something she doesn't want to be with? She's all I've ever wanted. We belong together. Her and I. I held my breath,humming the song in my head again. I couldn't let my thoughts wonder like that.


   I took her arm,and started to walk backwards into the forest behind us."Alright."


I swiftly lifted her into my arms,and started running. As fast as I could. And I didn't bother looking back,we just needed to get out of here. But I needed to make a stop at my house first,they can't come there. Then we'll make a run for it,we'll runaway together, just like she offered not too long ago.


Bella clutched at my shoulders,as I ran through the forest,ducking under branches,and jumping over them. Her eyes were shut,the whole time that I had her in my arms. I started to slow down slightly,as I crossed into the border,and jogged the rest of the way to my house. I kicked open the door,and set her down for a quick second.


I picked up my back-pack from the ground by the couch,and went into my room,throwing in clothes,and picked up the stash of cash that I had under my bed,and stuffed it in, too. I slung it over my shoulder,and Bella was standing in the doorway,fiddling with her fingers. I placed my finger under her chin.


   "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked her.

   She nods firmly,"As fast as possible,please."


I take her hand,and lead her into the Rabbit,buckling her in,then tossing the bag in the backseat,and hop in the front,starting the car ; in under a few seconds. I backed up,and spun around - heading out of La Push, and then heading out of Forks.


I didn't know where I was going,just knew that I needed to get us out of here as soon as possible. Doesn't matter where. As long as we're not here. I sighed slightly, putting more pressure on the gas pedal, when suddenly I heard Bella's breathing pick up from it's normal pace.


   "You're going really fast Jacob." She comments.

   "Do you want to get out of here?" I mumble.

   "Right. Yeah. Sorry." She leaned back into the seat,relaxing slightly.


I turn left down a narrow street,when a few thoughts suddenly crossed my mind. Where are we going to sleep? I don't want to make Bella sleep in the car,she doesn't deserve that. But,this might be the only thing we can do,for now. I started nearing out of Washington State. I bit down on my lip,sighing slightly. I can slow down a little.


I'm not very good at Geography,so I'm not exactly sure where we are,but I just kept driving,hoping that soon we'll be far enough to stop. I was feeling sleep deprived. And I'm sure the stress and regret will be settling into Bella very soon. So,maybe I shouldn't go too far,in case she wants to go back.


My fingers clenched the steering wheel tightly. I look over at Bella,who was staring out the window,her expression blank,but also tired. Her lips parted in a small yawn. She looked down at her hand,her left hand,frowning as she tore the ring off her finger,rolled the window down-and let it fly behind us.




I bit the inside of my lip. Eventually a couple hours have passed,since I've been driving,and decided to pull into the parking lot of a small Motel. I look over at Bells,who's surprisingly still awake. I look down at my wrist, 12;30 am.


   "I wish I could do more,but the money I have isn't much... So,we're just going to have to sleep in here,tonight. You can adjust the seat and all..." I sighed,not knowing what else to do.

    She nods,"It's okay! This is, almost perfect." She smiled softly,reaching down to adjust her seat slowly.


I watched as she took the pins out of her hair,tossing them under the chair,letting her hair fall down in loose waves. She let out what sounded like a content sigh. She then reached behind herself,trying to undoe the buttons on her dress. I rolled my eyes,and reached over pushing her hand away,popping off all of the buttons. I didn't mind,and she didn't seem to either. Probably because she's tired,and just wants to get the stupid gown off.


After I was finished,she kicked it off,and stretched out. Not caring that she was only wearing under-garments. I shifted uneasily,reaching into the back and pulling on the blanket I usually had. I draped it over her,and she turned around to give me a soft smile.


   "Thanks,Jake. For everything." She whispered softly,laying down,her eyes closing.

   I ran my hand through her hair,adjusting my seat,and laying down too."Anytime."



awesome story. ;)  keep going, i want more. <3

LOL great job! The last part I over thank it and I was like "OMG! What if he kicks the parking brake and they roll!" And I was freaking out for about five minutes before I said that someone wouldn't do that to their story LOL... probably sleep loss or there is a screw loose in my head... great job and I'll be watching for the next chapter!

Thank you ! :)

Chapter 2.


If I had a rough night,Bella sure as hell did too. I was curled up in a ball, but felt slightly warmer than I normally am. More comforting. I open my eyes to the blazing sun that shone through the car windows,and noticed that most of the blanket was draped over me. Even though I don't need it. I glance over at Bella,who had only a fraction of the blanket.


I shake my head,she knows I don't need this. I take the blanket it off of myself,and put it back on her gently. I kiss the top of her head,then lay back down,awkwardly. My whole body couldn't lay out straight on the seat,no matter how far it went down,how far i pushed my body closer to the back of the seat,it was still uncomfortable,and not long enough. I cursed quietly under my breath.


I needed to step outside for a minute. I opened the door as quietly as I could,and stepped out of the car, and stretched my arms above my head,hearing the mulitiple cracks,and feeling the strong pull and strain of my muscles in my back. I groaned. We definately need to find a cheap Motel of some sorts. I am not going to sleep in the car again,and I'm not going to make Bella either. I feel terrible for making her sleep in the car, so non-gentle men of me.


I get back into the car,and Bella rolled over,one eye peeking at me. I smile softly,adjusting my seat to it's original position. She opened both eyes now, a small smile creeping to her face. She sat up slowly,then let out a loud groan.


   "Oh Lord." She mumbled,rubbing her face,and stretching her arms above her head.

   I sigh,"Sorry. A car isn't a very nice bed... I won't make you do this again."

   She rolled her eyes,"If it's nessecary,then I can handle it. In our case,it was all we were able to do. And I am perfectly okay with it, it wasn't horrible. Just a little sore,is all." She shrugged,smiling softly at me,and placed her hand to my cheek,"It's okay."

   I hold her hand against my cheek,"I have a few things you could probably borrow." I whisper.


I reach into the back ,and grab my backpack, her hand falling back into her lap,as I unzipped it, pulling out a pair of trackpants,and the smallest t-shirt I had. I'm sure she could improvise with these. They might be a little too big,okay,huge, but it's better than the dress. I held them up for her,and she grimaced slightly,and I let out a chuckle.


   "White pearly dress,or soft comfy sweats?" I asked her,winking.

   She rolls her eyes,and took the clothes from my hands."Thanks,Jake."

   I shrug,"Notta problem."


Out of curtisy I got out of the car this time, to let her change,knowing she'd feel more comfortable with me not in the car,and even for myself. Sure,I'd like to... Observe,while,she,erh,changed. But,that's just the perverted part of my brain. I owe Bella this much respect, of course.


She let me take her away. This is her giving me another chance to prove I'm the one she wants. She already knows I'm the one. Or else she would've stayed with Cullen. But,they are still officially married. She'd have to go to court or something to get a divorce? Wouldn't she ? Which means at some point we're going to have to go back to Forks.


Or maybe we don't have to. Maybe, we can do it somewhere else. I don't like the thought of her still being legally married to someone else. And it wasn't just someone else. It was 'Edward Cullen' , the filthy volture that was going to turn my Bells into a monster. She didn't even know what she'd truley be. But,that's exactly it. She'd be a what,not a who. She wouldn't be a person. She wouldn't be Bella.


   "Jake?" I hear her small voice from the car,and walked back to it,sticking my head through the window.

   "Yes,Bells?" She was wearing my clothes. Her hair piled back up on her head,in a messy bun,and my shirt tucked into the sweat pants,which were folded at the top a few times.

   "Are we heading out?" She asked,wrapping the blanket around her torso,and sitting back in her seat,she looked excited.

   I chuckle,"I guess so. We need to go searching for a place to sleep tonight. Might as well start now."  I got back into the car,and we both buckled our seat belts into place.

   "This feels like an adventure." She commented.

   When I glanced over at her, it looked as if Excited was stamped across her forehead. I barked out a short laugh.


Most of the ride was silent,and I can't remember when she had decided to turn on the radio. She was swaying slightly in her seat to the music. Her eyes closed at one point,and she mouthed the words to the song. Clearly,she knew it very well. As for me, not so much. I smiled at her,and then locked my eyes back onto the road.


Again, I had no idea what-so-ever where we were. And I'm pretty positive Bella wasn't paying attention either. I stole another glance at her,as her voice started to seep between her lips,following the words to the song. Not so loud,just as if she were humming. But,still quite beautiful.


   "And I wish I could lay down beside you, when the day is done. And wake up to your face against the morning sun... But, like everything I've ever known, you'll disapear one day, so I'll spend my whole time hiding,my heart,away...." Her voice started to fade a little,and she started to hum the second verse to herself.

   "Hey,Bells?" I ask.

   She stops immidately,and looks at me,"Yes?"

   "How come you never sang before? You have a talent." I told her,honestly.

   She blushed,"You're too kind."

   I shook my head,"What's the song called,anyways?"

   "Hiding My Heart by Adele." She smiled geniunly.

   I smile back,and nod."Cool."


She returned to her quiet humming,and hadn't sang out since I told her hose she sounded. That's something I should work on with her, her self-confidence is really low. She has nothing to be afraid of. Not when I'm here. And I'll always be here for her.


After what seemed like abother hour,a building came into view. We both sighed in relief,as I pulled into the semi-crowded parking lot. I parked the car,and grabbed our stuff,locking the doors-before walking into the Hotel. I walked up to the counter,where stood a women probably in her late twenties... She smiled at us both.


   "And how may I help you?" She asked,her voice in that fake cheery tone.

   I cleared my throat,"One room,for two,please."

   Bella elbowed me in the side,shaking her head,"For one."

   I raise my eye brow,and shrug,"Alright,for one."


I paid for the suite,and she handed me the key. We were on the second floor. We walked into the elevator,and Bella eagerly pressed the button. I smirked.


   "You're probably starving." I commented.

   She shrugged,"If you can't afford to buy anything,I can wait."

   "Customer service included. We can order food."

   She let out a sigh,"I tried to make you pay less, by getting the room for one." She told me.

   "I'm starving. I need to eat." I said,chuckling,"It's just a little extra. It's a cheap place."


The elevator came to a stop,making the stupid dinging sound,to notice that we came to the second floor. Bella strode out,and I followed after. She snatched the ket from my hand,and walked down the hall and came to a stop,and I watched her stick the key in and push open the door. I walked in right behind her.


   "Well,damn." I slightly gasped,closing and locking the door behind us. it's actually not too bad.


There was a king-sized bed centred in the middle of the room,with ivory coloured blankets. The walls weren't completely white,almost beige. With simple painting hung on the walls, a desk, with a TV set on it. There's two dressers on either side of the bed,and a window on the right side of the wall by the door. Then another door that led into the bathroom. It was pretty nice for a cheap place.


Bella walked over to the two-seated couch that was near the TV,and layed down on it,sighing. I smiled,and take my bag to the bed,then set my blanket on it too. If she thought that's where she's sleeping,she's crazy.


   "Are you planning on sleeping on that?"

   She shrugged,"If I ought to." She mumbled.

   I walked over to the couch,scooping her up into my arms,carrying her to the bed,and setting her down gently.

   "If you're tired,you can sleep. But,the couch,that's not nessicary." I told her.

   She smiled,reaching up to kiss my cheek,"You're a kind man,Jake."

   I smile,"I'm going to order food now."

   She rolls her eyes,"You and food...."


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