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I have been wanting a tattoo for a while but I didn't want to just jump into it. I wanted to get something that would still have meaning to me in 50 years. I finally found it. So what do you think????


PLEASE***** Don't make this an anti-tattoo discussion. My mind is made up on that matter. I was just curious what others thought of the artwork!!!



This is the ultimate for me because it represents my love of Jacob but it also has a deeper meaning that will still be there in the future!!

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Cool, what does it stand for?
What do the symbols mean? I like it... I love tattoos and REALLY want to get another one sometime in the future.

The smaller symbols mean Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind. In that order, reading from left to right.

The larger one means Life.


Thanks. I found one similar online but I didn't like the symbols on it. So, a friend of mine took it and drew it up in GIMP with different symbols. Ones that had more meaning to me. I think it is great.
Really Cool!
I know, right? I love it. My friend is great!


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