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think if they do a movie with breaking dawn the same as the book, it won't go down well. i would never go and see a movie that just seems like the ending of a weird freak show.

maybe something like this.....

Bella has the baby Renesmee
Renesmee bits Bella, Rosalie takes Renesmee away.

Jacob and Edward try to save Bella, Edward bits Bella and trys to turn her into a vampire.

Alice does not see Bella's future anymore and they all think bella is dead.
Edward punches a table smaching it into pieces and Jacob runs off to kill the baby.

a few minutes pass, and Bella speaks.... She at first seems like a vampire, but the smell of her blood is still human. later we find out that Renesmee has the gift of healing anything she bites, but Bella still had received the vampire power of shield and teleportation, Bella is half human/half vampire.

She asks for Renesmee and learns that Jacob thought she was dead and has gone to kill the baby.

Just before jacob kills the baby he hears Bella's Voice. who is now standing behind Jacob, he can't smell the vampire scent on her and as he turns around he imprints on bella. Edward sees this and Bella let's Edward read her mind..

Edward tells Bella that he will always love her but bella was always met be Jacob's sole mate, but she was also met to become what she is. a hybrid just like her daughter.

Leah the heart broken wolf could be with Edward. Seth with Renesmee.

They could all fight the volturi when Renesmee gets older.

before the volturi leader aro dies by the hand of Bella, he tells Bella that she has destroyed the vampire ways and that a new vampire breed will rise.

She walks away and puts her hand on her stomach and smiles. she has twins to jacob... half human/wolf and half vampire. (just like the thought she had in eclipse when she was kissing jacob)

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ugh i want jacob and leah to be together.
stick with the book for pity sake.
Omg I so agree with you because I always from the beginning thought jacob and bella were going to be together and breaking dawn just made me so darn sad I hated how he imprinted on Renessme I love Bella and Jacob together and Leah can just get over herself her and Jacob are not supposed to be together and I dont get where you guyz saw that she had feeling for Jacob thats not waht I got from it and it broke my heart also I read it but I barely got through it.


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