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As all of u or some of u may know. my FF Identity A jacob and renesmee story has been deleted. but im trying to out it back!!! hooray! but some of u left off on diff if u dnt mind just reply which chpt u were on and i'll choose where 2 pick up. thnx! ~C

P.S in other words, yeah i'm putting it back on the discussin forum. +D

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O ok then

i left off in chap.14...
the last one i think u posted,....
Whoo! I'm so happy your deciding to put the story back up. I left off on the last chapter you posted. Thankgoodness you're putting it back, now I have something to read!
So that's what happened!!! Wow, I'm so sorry! I thought maybe you left the site! It totally freaked me out.
I don't know where you left off.... last I can remember is Jake was hading off to La Push.
I'm so glad your putting the story back on! I left off on the last thing you posted i'm pretty sure but you should put the entire thing back on again:)
i have like no idea where i was up to, sorry. but i'm pretty sure it wasn't too many chapters in... sry
i just put it on, i put it on chpt 13 for anyone that didn't read it. thnx guys! ~C
omg!! i can't believe ur actually gonna post it again!!! i've been dying here!!
Where exactly did you put it?
Pls, answer!
it was erased again....
but it is posted in
It was erased again, because Chasity didn't actually write the story. She STOLE it from someone else. The REAL author has it posted on
yeap...that's what i meant....---so go ahead and read it there....i think there are 13 o 14 chapters so far....--


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