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iam just wondering what would become of Jacob without Renesmee. what you guys think would have happened?

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i agree. or he would've met me and we'd live HEA (happily ever after)
thats a good guess or otherwise would of remained lonley and depressed
Hmm... I've actually been thinking about that, I'm a writer [sort of..] and I'm in a roleplay with Jake and a new girl. I'm thinking that he would have gotten with Leah, or a new girl.
i have to disagree. sorry. but i think that he'd still try his hardest to get Bella back.
I totally agree with you, also. Bella turned his life around, and he cant do anything to change it. No matter what, she will always have his heart.
I get what you guys are saying, and I think after a while [meaning years] after trying his hardest to get Bella back, he probably would eventually end up with Leah. After a long time, of course, I didn't mean that he would try for a short time, then quit.
well i think that it would have been a tragic ending for Jacob without Renesmee. thanx for commenting =)
I dont think that he would have got with Leah, or really anyone else. I think that if he didn't imprint with Renesmee that he would have gone off without the pack, or continued to try for Bella. Without Renesmee there would have been a different story for the 4th book all together.
yeah i kind of agree with courtney i also think that 4th book would have been quite different without renesmee. thanks for commenting everybody =)
well i think at first he would have still gone for Bella but by seeing how hurt he and Bella both get by this he would have left and after some months or a year he would have found someone and then that would be a happy ending for him. thanks for commenting =)


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