The Twilight Saga

...Kiss jacob black, would you?

...Tell Edward to go die in a hole,wood u? jacob Black in person, wood u?


cood be in twilight, wood u?


Meet every twilight character in person, wood u?


if u met bella what wood u do?


(please answer these trufully thnx)

(ps if u dont wanna be strolling up and down copy and paste ;))

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1.YES!!! good as that sounds, naah im not that mean :)



5. YES! Even if i got killed by a vamp i dont  care

6. Tell her im having Jake and to p'off

1. Yes

2. No not that mean

3. Yes

4. Yes!!!!

5. Of course

6. Tell her to choose Jacob and life instea dof death and beinga  blood sucker



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