The Twilight Saga

                                          This story takes place after edward leaves in new moon

                                              and after bella becomes depressed. jacob is there

                                        to make her feel safe and wanted, what happens when they

                                                                                      fall in love?



(all in bella's POV)


    It's been three months since they left. it's been so hard to go day by day without the vampires that i thought of as my second family. i've been staying away from everyone, and i could see Charile was getting worried. he called mom thinking that would help. it didnt. tomorrow charile and i are going down to la push to see jacob and his dad. when i woke up the next morning i was kind of excited to go down to la push.

   when we got there the first person i saw was Jacob. his hair was cut short and he looked so much older than the last time i had seen him.

"Jacob you cut your hair?"

i tried to make my voice sound a little happy but it didnt.

"um..yea got tired of all that hair in my face. hey charile, my dads waiting for you."

charile nodded and walked into their house. jacob smiled at me and asked if i wanted to take a walk on the beach. when he said that i thought about the last time we walked on the beach and quickly said no. he took my hand and guided me to the garage. when we got there jacob quickly gave me a huge. he was warm, no he was hot. i pulled away and asked if he felt okay.later that day some of jake's friends came over and we all hung out. for those 5 hours with jacob took my mind off of him . that night jacob and i talked on the phone about him coming over tomorrow. it made me happy but that night i had the same dream of edward leaving.


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Can't wait to read where this goes!  Good so far!!!
Love it!

when i woke up i herd noise down stairs. i figured it was charile and some of his fishing buddies. i got in the shower then got dressed. i went down stairs expecting to see everyone getting ready to go fishing but instead i saw three boy shirtless.

out of these 3 i didnt see jacob which made me kind of sad.

"hey guys, what are you doing here?"

"jake couldnt make it so he sent us, were taking you somewhere, you'll like it"


"jake said not tell you it's a surprise" "nice going jared you shouldn't have told her jake was involved."

"well, i'll go."

when i got in the car with them we were off and within 10 mins, we were there

jacobs house was lit up and there were so many people. there was jessica, angela, mike,and all of my friends.

when i walked in everyone screamed "Happy Birthday" i blushed but was alittle confused. it wasn't my birthday.

"what all this?"

"well, bella we didn't give you a party for you 18th birthday, and we thought it mite be a good idea, pluse my dad got everyone to bring gifts."

i looked over at billy and her just smiled back.

the parth was great, much better than the last one i had {wince}.i went home and was so sleepy.


"yeeeeees jake"

"i no you don't like parties but i thought it would take your mind off of them."

i could here him talking but i could also feel myself falling asleep on him.

Great keep going

as i rolled over i relized i was in bed alone. i looked at the clock to find out it was three in the morning. i got out of bed to use the bathroom. when i walked in isaw jacob standing there half naked. i ran out of  the bathroom and sat on my bed. it felt like i sat ther forever before he came back into the room. when he did come back into the room he looked like he was blushing, but i couldnt tell because he was so beautifully tan. he didnt say anything he just looked at me then he stood in front of me and said "you no you could have knocked" i didnt feel like i could speek so i just put my face in my hands. i could feel him watching me, then i could feel him pulling my hands down. he looked into my eyes and i glared into his. i couldnt look away and neither could i, and within that second he leand in and planted a soft kiss on my lips. i didnt resist so he kissed me again, longer this time. it felt as though i was melting, it felt like lava moving throughout my body. i slowly pulled away and jacob told me we should go back to sleep. so i crawed under the covers and tried to sleep. when i did fall asleep i had a dream about jacob giving me the one thing edward never did.

Chapter 2

the next morning when i woke up jacob wasnt in bed again. i when to the bathroom and before i went in i knocked. there was no answer so i went in. jacob wasnt in here, so i jumped in the shower and brushed my hair. after i got dressed i went down stairs and i saw jacob at the stove.

"jake, what are you doing"

"making you breakfast, you do want to eat dont you"

i smiled and sat down at the table, and he put a plate in front of me. he cooked me everything i liked, he even made coffee.

  i never told him i didnt drink coffee,but it was sweet.we ate breakfast in silence. after we ate i cleaned up and he kissed  e me. when he pulled away he looked into my eyes and then he said something i never expected he would say to me. he took my hands and said...

"bella i no what he did to you and i will never let anyone hurt you no why" i shook my head and waited for him to tell me "because bella i'm in love with you, and i no you may not be ready, but i'll wait for you" he looked as if he would cry. "jacob, i can't tell you i love you but i no i have strong feeling for you and everyday im around you the feeling grow stronger, and hopfully you won't have to wait long.

aww!! love it!! post more soon!!!

it's been two weeks since i've talked to jacob. his dad says he has the flu, but going to see him today. as i got ready i prepared myself for what jake mite look like. i jumped into my truck and hurried off to la push.when i got there it took me i minute to want to go into his house. i got ot of my truck and stood there for a while.then i began to walk to the house. as soon as i pulled my hand up to knock on the door jake through it open and grabed me.

"bells, i've missed you so much"

then he kissed me. it wasn't a normal kiss, it was more intence. when i pulled away i looked into his eyes and i wanted to pull him back to my lips.i didnt no what, but i knew something changed. two weeks ago i wasn't sure if i loved him but now i knew i couldnt live with out him later that day jacob told me he was not a normal boy anymore. he told me that he had just imprinted on me. at first i was so mad but then i came around.


<i no it's short,but still working on it>

more more more!!! love it! XD
Loving it!! Keep writing!


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