The Twilight Saga

                                          This story takes place after edward leaves in new moon

                                              and after bella becomes depressed. jacob is there

                                        to make her feel safe and wanted, what happens when they

                                                                                      fall in love?



(all in bella's POV)


    It's been three months since they left. it's been so hard to go day by day without the vampires that i thought of as my second family. i've been staying away from everyone, and i could see Charile was getting worried. he called mom thinking that would help. it didnt. tomorrow charile and i are going down to la push to see jacob and his dad. when i woke up the next morning i was kind of excited to go down to la push.

   when we got there the first person i saw was Jacob. his hair was cut short and he looked so much older than the last time i had seen him.

"Jacob you cut your hair?"

i tried to make my voice sound a little happy but it didnt.

"um..yea got tired of all that hair in my face. hey charile, my dads waiting for you."

charile nodded and walked into their house. jacob smiled at me and asked if i wanted to take a walk on the beach. when he said that i thought about the last time we walked on the beach and quickly said no. he took my hand and guided me to the garage. when we got there jacob quickly gave me a huge. he was warm, no he was hot. i pulled away and asked if he felt okay.later that day some of jake's friends came over and we all hung out. for those 5 hours with jacob took my mind off of him . that night jacob and i talked on the phone about him coming over tomorrow. it made me happy but that night i had the same dream of edward leaving.


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thanks i will

   every since jake imprinted on me we have been having so much fun and spending so much time together. now jake's looking for victoria. yea, i no as soon as everything is ok she wants to come into my life. since she's been back jake has transfered to forks. tomorrow he won't be in school with me, but i think this could be a good thing. charile has been getting worried that jake and i have been spending to much time together.

  the next morning jake picked me up and drove me to school. "bella, i think you should stay with billy today."

"jake it's school, nothing is going to happed, just make sure you pick me up on time." he smiled as we pulled in to the parkink lot.  jacob got out of the car and opened the door for me then he pulled me into his arms and kissed me the way he always dose. then he got into his car and drove off. i turned around with a smile on my face and that's when i seen him.


(i no it's short sorry :) please comment)

omg!! edwards back!! oh no wuts gonna happen???
Please keep going!

  when i saw his face i just stood there. i couldnt move. i couldnt talk. then he started to walk over to me i forced in a deep breath and becan to walk up to him. as soon as i reached him he pulled me into a tight hug. i pulled away and looked at him like he was the worst thing in the world.i walked away from him and walked into the school building. he was in all my classes and it seamed like he was watching me all the time and i bet he was. at the end of the day jack stood there with his shirt off.

"jacob,what's wrong." he looked at edward and then smiled at me. he took me home and came up to my bedroom with me. we didnt talk for a long time. and then he told me he had to go.i laid down in my bed and locked my window when he left.

  i waited for him jake all night and he never came back. i knew he  was hunting victoria but i still needed him.then i herd a tap on my window i thought it was jacob and hoped up, but i wish i didnt because it was edward. i opened the window and he came in.

"edward what do you want?"

"i love you i shouldnt have left, im so sorry"

"well you should be, and i dont love you, not anymore, so leave"

he turned arround and left without another word. and i fell dream was about jacob it was a happy dream with no edward, and no victoria. it was just perfect.

Great! Keep writing!
I love it !!!!!!!!!!  keep me posted !!!!!!!!!!!!


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