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Ok Taylor was cute in twilight. But in NEW MOON he was absolutely gorgeous and sexy. I was like oh my god i willing surrendering my freedom (b/c he's a minor) to just kiss this boy. LOL. He definately outshown Edward in this. I didn't think that was possible. Eclispe will be great and so will breaking dawn. so needless to say i am offically a taylor fan and i a huge crush on him

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i have to agree.. he was GORGEROUS in New Moon!
when he took his shirt off to wipe the blood off of Bella's forehead! i was like.. *your sorta beautiful !* (Bella)
So I cant say I have a crush on him since im 23 and he is 17 but yeah he is an attractive as hell guy and talented too :)
girl i was like uhm now that's just a sin and a shame
that part was awesome <3
i don't really care what happened to bella, pfft i was too busy looking at taylor xD
so true
hahaha, that part was pretty amazing.
i was almost in the front row when i saw the movie, and when he took off his shirt, i actually like, screamed.
i didn't even see Bella when he took off his shirt. i was literally like, mesmorized by his gorgeous-ness.[x
we all were girl we all were lol
dude....i don't know you but i feel you.
I agree. I am very attracted to Taylor lol. Almost makes me wish my bf looked more like him! It's a shame that he's a minor. He def outshined Edward in NM, but that book was Jacob's moment of glory so it was supposed to be that way. But good gravy do i wish i was in that girl's place for the almost kissing scenes! Made me want her to kiss him just cuz he's so much hotter than Ed. But all together Chris Weitz did NM PERFECTLY, I'm very disappointed he didn't do Eclipse. Very.
yea that's sad...but i loved the movie
when he took off his shirt the first time...
i'm pretty sure i almost died!!! he is sooooo hot!!!!
the entire theatre gasped at the exact same time!!!
i thought my movie was the only one. It was like a moment of silence...DEAR GOD, Thank you for placing this man in front of me and allowing to be apart of my life with no shirt on. Amen.


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