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Sequel to Love Tells It's Own Story!(;











In the few short weeks we've been engaged,

I feel like I know Jacob more than I ever have before.

Every day, we grew closer.

Every day, we loved eachother even more than we thought possible.

I made the right choice.

It was what I wanted all along.



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Thank You!(:
I really hope you like Chapter Nine...
I actually cut it a littloe short but Its still good(:
I think chapter 10 or 11 will be my fave:D
Sorry I haven't posted yet I might have to post tomorrow:OO
Sorry! I wouldve posted chapter nine last night but my friend didnt edit cuz she didnt know i sent it. her mom didnt pay the phone bill so i couldnt text her saying i sent it.. BUT I think imma edit it myself :D IT WILL BE POSTED TODAY!(:

The months went by and Aubrey seemed to be aging normally. She may have been growing a bit faster then normal but not enough for human eyes to pick up on. I was thankful that she would be able to go through life at a normal pace instead of skipping her childhood so fast like I did. I didn't even get to finish school, not that I'm complaining. Aubrey's gift has gotten stronger. She is able to open locked doors and cribs for that matter. She was able to make objects fly around the room and she even came close to hitting someone in the head with her bottle once. Although it wouldn't have hurt anyways. Her eyes could change color. Her normal eye color was my chocolate brown eyes but her turned from emerald green when she was happy, chocolate brown when she was sad, and dark blue when she was mad. This would be good later on because we wouldn't have to count on her words to console us. We would know how she felt just by a glance at her eyes.

Jake and I had been getting a lot more sleep since she was a little older. She may only be a couple months old, but she has good control and usually acts much older, though she can't talk yet. I've heard Aubrey mumbled but nothing that was a real word.

I walked into her room and found she was out of her crib again. I rolled my eyes and went straight to the closet. She giggled when I opened the door and smiled at her. I picked her up and cradled and cooed to her until she fell asleep. Jake walked in just as I was putting her back into her crib.

"Hey." He whispered.

"Hi. How was your day? Any scents picked up during patrol?" I asked, hugging to him tightly.

"Uh... Yeah. We caught Aro's scent again closer to the house. It smelt a little funky but it was definitely Aro."

I nodded stiffly and fainted. Luckily, Jake caught be before I hit the floor.


I woke up to the sound of a tiny voice. A tiny voice I knew all too well. She was saying, "Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama. Mama." I shot up and Aubrey was in Jake's lap saying Mama!

She continued saying Mama and I beamed. Her first word was Mama! What mother wouldn't be happy?

I grabbed her up from Jake's lap and started bouncing her on my leg. Aubrey started giggling and wrapped her little arms around me as far as she could. I hugged her back and tears started flowing from my eyes.

"Daddy. Tell Mama not to cry." I stopped, my mouth gaping open. She went to her first word to first sentence in a matter of a few minutes.

Jake had the same expression.

My stomach started churning with all of the excitement and I set Aubrey down, running to the bathroom. Jake followed.

The only time I've ever felt like this was when.. "Oh crap." I muttered when I stopped puking. Jake caught on immediately and stood behind me, unmoving, for several minutes. "Another baby?" I whispered, mostly to myself.

I stood up and started sobbing. Mostly happy tears but the sobs were scared sobs. Even though I had gone through this all before, I wasn't sure if I was ready for a second time so soon.

Jake wrapped his arms around me. "This is a good thing, Ness. We're going to have another baby. That's a good thing." He sounded like he was trying to convince himself. I didn't think he was ready either.

"I know. It is." I put on a smile and wiped away the tears. I kissed Jacob once and walked out of the bathroom.

It took a little while to sink in but I finally decided having another child would be a good thing. He or she would be perfect, just as Aubrey had been. I had a hunch on a boy this time but I wasn't quite so sure.


I woke up the next morning to the churning in my stomach again. I quietly got out of bed and crept to the bathroom. I puked into the toilet and thoroughly brushed my teeth. When I turned around, Jake was leaning by the door.

"We are going to be parents again." I said, jumping into his arms. He seemed excited, too.

"I love you, Jake." I whispered.

"I love you, too, Ness. So, do you think it's going to be a boy or girl?"

"I was leaning toward boy, but you never know. Anything is possible." I whispered, kissing him lightly on the lips. Jake cupped his hands around my face and pressed his lips to mine with such force. I felt my eyes roll into the back of my head and Jake smiled. The kiss got more intense and passionate as the seconds passed.

When Jake pulled away, I almost fell to the floor. My knees were wobbling and my legs would give in at any moments.

Jake chuckled, holding me up.

I latched my arms around his neck and he picked me up, cradling me to his chest. There was a cry in Aubrey's room and I groaned.

I hopped out of Jacob's arms and ran into her room. She was on her feet. "Oh my..." I whispered, not able to finish the sentence.

"She's walking! Go get the camera." Jake said. I ran from the room and came back with the camcorder. She was still on her feet and I started recording her.

When Aubrey went down, landing on her butt, pain ripped through my stomach. I crunched to the floor and screamed.

Jake was carrying Aubrey and I out the door went everything went black.
Hope you like it!! :DD
omg love it!!!!!
holy crap! AMAZING! another baby?
umm that was good... too short but good. lol can't wait for the next one.
awesome !! (: how long untill the next one ? x
mmmmmm this is gonna be interesting
love it cant wait for more! :P post soon!
I would like to join the group for this story line. Please keep me updated!


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